My Children in 2021 (Part 1)

I wanted to write this by the end of last year but I really had no time so I thought just, ah forget it. 

It’s about my kids. I just want to document my experience in mommy-ing them at those particular ages in terms of their own significant qualities. Those characteristics and behaviours or the likes that I will want to remember, that I know they might change some day then I will forget at all. Or had it remained, I also want to remember they have been like that ever since these days. But yeah, I had no time to write.

This month (yes, January of this year 2022), a striking transformation happened to my two elders that was so sudden yet extraordinary. I was flabbergasted. How come things changed in just an overnight?? Is this real? 

I am still observing whether it’s a long term progression or just a seasonal thing. Hopefully it remains and becomes even better. Ameen Ameen. I will write about it. 

But that’s a thing of 2022, even a month is not over yet. It struck me in the head that oh, those days have gone… Those days that I felt long ended all of a sudden without a notice for me to even wave goodbyes?

Then I feel, I gotta do this… I gotta make an effort, take time to sit and journal about those precious times for my own keepsakes, because Mom cherished you all so much, kids. Here goes…

#1 EDHANY @ DHANY (8 years old, boy)

My firstborn, the eldest one, or just call him Mom 2.0. Haha. This guy had lots of responsibilities being a big brother to four. And I am like his manual. He nags like me, he scolds like me, he calms like me, he plays like me, he teaches like me, he copies almost all of me when handling the little ones at home. The good and the bad, thus of course seeing the bad ones cringed me everytime. Making me feel guilty showing bad examples to him but that also tells that he’s somehow facing some kind of challenges I faced as a parent. How demanding it is for him as an 8-year old… I’m sorry, boy. I hope that growing up, this will make him a caring brother towards his beloved siblings. Hence, every time I see him mirroring my negative way of scolding and nagging, I usually won’t stop him right away. Instead, I’d remind myself to improve so that he will learn a better example. InsyaAllah. 

He loves cooking! I pray that he’s gonna be an excellent chef one day. A chef in the family! Haha my dream… He also loves creative stuff like origami, drawing and painting, and experiments. He’s such a creative boy and so drawn to art and craft. I keep on encouraging him to do what he loves but the thing is, he doesn’t like to study. He’d always be reluctant every time I called him to do some revisions and would be all upset. I do appreciate his passion but I don’t want him to disregard everything else. 

Oh ya I must highlight this. It was my complex moment of 2021 when my kid told me he wants to be a Youtuber! OMG, kids nowadays… They’re so influenced, huh! They wanna have their own channel, they wanna do what they watch, they want to be saying those things like…

“Hi everyone, welcome to my Youtube channel!”
“Don’t forget to subscribeeee!”

And they’re expecting likes, comments and whatnots. Especially this Danny Boy. Gosh! I cryyyy…. Because this is not my thing! Mom is tak retiiii, boys. To create the content, to shoot the video, to do the editing. Plus, with the uncontrollable little twins monkeying around, just how do I do all these? This is so difficult and complicated to me personally.. 

But I also didn’t want to disappoint him. So we had several chaotic shoots and uploaded the unedited videos for our own watch and laugh over. They’re so happy for that… aww. While I had mixed feelings. Mainly pitying them for not being able to give the best, like other parents would do when it comes to this. And I come to think, it’s always easy to say that we’re gonna support our kids pursuing whatever they want in life but actually, the true support is not just about cheering. The future of motherhood is scaring me. 

Wait, I thought I wanna have only 5 sentences for each child but err…. On to the second one!

#2 ERRASY @ AYASH (7 years old, boy)

The boy that goes to school for the first time completely in a pandemic. In total last year, he went to school for only 2 months. Yet interestingly, he already experienced a lot of things like he’s been in school for a complete year. He always comes to me randomly, recalling his days in school and telling funny stories about this boy or that girl. Such an entertainment to me. I love that he always comes to ask me whether something is right or wrong, questioning what he learns in school, indirectly challenging my intellect at some levels. Though a little playful, he likes to study. It’s sometimes hard to get him to sit for homeworks but once he starts to concentrate, he’ll enjoy learning. 

At home, he’s always the one teasing the siblings making the home a noisy crib. It’s like a habit already that sometimes it’s amusing but some other times it gets on my nerves when it turns out to be a fight. But all in all, he makes a great partner to Edhany when it comes to helping me with the youngers and house chores. I’m forever thankful for Allah’s plan of giving me two kids of close gap. I remember it was shocking at first.. Alhamdulillah now I am already savouring the hikmah. 

Among all my boys, he’s the only one showing interest towards motosports like his dad. Somewhere in last year he started his motorcycle riding class with my husband, who is a riding coach. He got his own racing suit and a helmet ready (so cute!) and went for multiple sessions. He’s so into it! A racer one day or just a fun rider, this is the beginning. To wherever it leads you, boy. 

Oh man I’m tired already but 3 MORE KIDS TO GO! Haha.. Next post!

As ever,

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