Bi Rahmatillah

During one of the Arabic language classes I attended online last year, there was a casual moment that caught my attention quite a bit. Ustaz Nouman was discussing about a particular grammar and he included some Quranic studies about Jannah (paradise). He talked and explained about paradise and as usual, when we hear about paradise, … Continue reading Bi Rahmatillah

It’s So Huge

What is this it’s-so-huge about? ALHAMDULILLAH. Yes, it is this phrase ALHAMDULILLAH I am talking about today and I have a story to tell about it for you and mainly myself, to be reminded again and again of blessings and gratefulness. The story goes like this. (p/s – pardon for not citing the narration for … Continue reading It’s So Huge

Officially a Mother of Three

It’s official, it’s true, and it’s real. Me - I’m now officially a mother of three! It’s not unbelievable. Since November last year when I first discovered this pregnancy, time flew fast but I lived in every moment so yes I knew I wasn’t dreaming when the nurse handed my new bundle of joy into … Continue reading Officially a Mother of Three

Blogging Hiatus

A month plus of no updates at all? That's kinda hiatus. And then I came across this quote below : "There's no such thing as writer's block. Just start typing. At some point, it will turn into writing.." - Graydon Carter from the book "Dear Me". True, which is so true. But that's not the … Continue reading Blogging Hiatus