Istidraj, A Test For All

What is Istidraj? Istidraj is basically when Allah s.w.t gives fortunes to someone whereby Allah s.w.t is not pleased with him. It is a ‘punishment’ in a way that Allah s.w.t gives more and more to a person, but it doesn’t make him remember Allah s.w.t for the favors and joy that they binged on. … Continue reading Istidraj, A Test For All

Tsutaya Books, Malaysia

It is always an overexcitement when knowing that a new bookstore is opening soon! Be it a hugeee one or just a local independent bookshop around the neighbourhood, my heart would impulsively be screaming; “I’m cominggggg!!” This time it’s a world-renowned Japanese bookstore chain launched last week, its first store in Malaysia located in the … Continue reading Tsutaya Books, Malaysia

Motherhood Questionnaire

Questionnaire List retrieved from – What quality makes for a good mom?Patience, definitely. There are many qualities that’ll make an awesome mom but in dealing with little humans, it should first start with patience and everything else will follow through.Question is, where can we buy patience? What is your favorite quality in a dad?Fun … Continue reading Motherhood Questionnaire

My Definition of Me-Time

I was about to write about this but before that I googled the definition first and got this : Which is yes, the general meaning and my own definition of me-time are somewhat alike. As per the name, it’s self-explained as me-time means it’s all about me. And I thought it’s somehow the same for … Continue reading My Definition of Me-Time