Book Review : Light for the Lost Soul by Mizz Nina

When the book was published earlier this year, I didn't think I'd buy it. It looks interesting, yes but maybe because I was not a fan of Mizz Nina before when she was an artist and I also don't follow her much online. Usually when I fancy a celebrity I would collect their merchandise like … Continue reading Book Review : Light for the Lost Soul by Mizz Nina

Something Wrong Somewhere

I am currently studying Surah Al-Alaq from Juzu' Amma, the chapter that we knew begins with the very first aayat being sent down to the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). From the book Ibrah dari Juz' Amma by Dr. Kamaru Salam, the author mentioned that prior to the first revelation, the Prophet was lost and in confusion. … Continue reading Something Wrong Somewhere

I Forgive You, Daddy by Lizzie McGlynn

Warning : This is a book review and it contains spoiler. Genre : Non-fiction / Memoir | Rating : 5 stars My General Review This is a story of Lizzie’s life, the author herself, that was full of sufferings as a consequence from her father’s evil deeds throughout her lifetime since she was a very little … Continue reading I Forgive You, Daddy by Lizzie McGlynn

Book of the Year

At year-ends, I usually will scan through my bookshelves and pick the best books I’ve read throughout the year. Those are the ones that I rated 4 and 5 stars and feel they deserved to be re-read. Because I’m running out of time in this year (as if like it can’t be written next year, … Continue reading Book of the Year