The Only Thing That’s Constant

Let me give you this image, right. So if you’re young and you are sitting and you’re praying on your prayer mat.And as you’re young and you’re full of energy and you think that, what is important in life is out there. You want to go out and you want to do this, and you … Continue reading The Only Thing That’s Constant

Book Review : The First Decade by Vivy Yusof

#spoileralert #nottoomuch I was totally rooting for the launch of this book since day one I knew Vivy Yusof, the Proudduck blogger, was writing her own book! I bought it on the very first day it launched and read it right away and finished it in two days! I was so excited to review about … Continue reading Book Review : The First Decade by Vivy Yusof

Bi Rahmatillah

During one of the Arabic language classes I attended online last year, there was a casual moment that caught my attention quite a bit. Ustaz Nouman was discussing about a particular grammar and he included some Quranic studies about Jannah (paradise). He talked and explained about paradise and as usual, when we hear about paradise, … Continue reading Bi Rahmatillah

Highlights 2022 (Part 4 – Single Motherhood)

My children, my most invaluable treasure in this world and the hereafter. Of all five, two of them are at the age where they can already sense the upheavals happening in the family, between their two parents. This split must have disappointed them too knowing the fact that the home would never be the same … Continue reading Highlights 2022 (Part 4 – Single Motherhood)

Highlights 2022 (Part 2 – Arabic Lesson)

Again, it’s more about attending classes, seeking knowledge! At this age I believe, it is never too late to start a new endeavor to achieve something in life even if it takes about going all the way back to basics to begin with. If it’s done with the right intention, InsyaAllah it’s all good. Arabic … Continue reading Highlights 2022 (Part 2 – Arabic Lesson)