I Need You More

Home Aloneeeee. Year-End School Holiday is here and so the kids are away leaving Mom alone at home for a sumptuous me-time! Hoyeah! As usual, it’s time for me to shoot all the things I’ve been planning to do but couldn’t do just because of my handful attachment when the kids were around. Clearly, I … Continue reading I Need You More

Humbleness, In A Class By Itself

This was an incident during my time in college that I still found it’s amusing whenever I recalled it. Guess it’s fun to share it here. It was in one of our tutorial classes conducted by a tutor which was a senior of the course. That was the first tutorial for the semester so as … Continue reading Humbleness, In A Class By Itself

Motherhood Questionnaire

Questionnaire List retrieved from – mom.com What quality makes for a good mom?Patience, definitely. There are many qualities that’ll make an awesome mom but in dealing with little humans, it should first start with patience and everything else will follow through.Question is, where can we buy patience? What is your favorite quality in a dad?Fun … Continue reading Motherhood Questionnaire

Add a Fun Fact

I'm so having fun with this new function "Add a fun fact" on Facebook. Well, you know.. just answering random questions about anything related to yourself. I've been spamming the timeline with so many posts feeling like a celebrity being interviewed. Haks.. There are actually books like this. I have one titled "If... (Questions For … Continue reading Add a Fun Fact