The Lockdown Life (Part 2)

It's really a lot to babble, huh?! Haha. Here goes some more..  GROCERY SHOPPING Everything goes online nowadays as well as grocery shopping. During lockdown, I had some kind of paranoia syndrome of not wanting to go out at all. I've been relying on online orders for almost everything we need simply to avoid going … Continue reading The Lockdown Life (Part 2)

Quote : Worship

When you trust the Almighty, there’s no worry. Worry and worship don’t go together. Worry is a powerful tool used by Satan to deny us of what our Lord has planned for us. He will plant all sorts of ideas in our head. Do not let Satan get the upper hand. Be on guard. Stay … Continue reading Quote : Worship

Forgiving When Not Even Sorry

The past week was depressing to me. I was hurt, I was offended. Something happened that didn’t only make it a bad day but a bad week as a whole. I think I haven’t felt this kind of feelings for so long. Problems come and go but rarely it’s about something that makes me feel … Continue reading Forgiving When Not Even Sorry