My Children in 2021 (Part 2)

#3 ERRYSH @ ERWISH / EYISH (3 years old, boy)

This is ma mommy’s boy!! Let me tell you that all of my kids are clingy to me. That’s common, fine. But as much as they cling to me, they also cling to daddy the same. But this boy, he’s 100% clingy to me and 0% to daddy at all! Or maybe 1% haha. Such an obsession. He’s like a handbag tagging with me everywhere I go, but he’s also kinda very easy to handle so I’m just okay with him being my +1 always. This boy has changed me, up to a point I feel like it’s weird to be going out alone. Where was the independent me?? Lol. Officially, he is my bodyguard! 

But have you ever seen such a chatterbox bodyguard? He’s gonna make one. Omg he talks a lottt, he imitates everything he watched and repeats everything he heard. And I came to realize from this that he is an auditory-learner type. At first I was so annoyed that whenever he watches Youtube, he will set the volume loud and disturbing. Until I came across a sharing about 3 types of learners which are visual, auditory and kinesthetic, I instantly remembered him who obviously has an auditory learning style. Listening out loud is his way of acquiring knowledge so I shouldn’t be interrupting his learning process.  

By the end of the year, he successfully  accomplished another junior milestone that was…being totally off-diapers!! At 3.5 years old, it was completely easy to potty train him as he could already speak well and control his calling. In just a matter of a week, he got it full-blown even at night! Amazing MasyaAllah, He made it effortless for me this time, syukur!

TWIN GIRLS (1 year old)

A year for an infant means watching a tremendous change from crawling to running, from bubbling to talking a little, from baby faces to girly long hair looking so sweet! Having to witness all these in twin version is a bonus of this motherhood I am indulging. The apples of my eyes, Alhamdulillah. 

They both are identical twins but most of the time, Donna is more recognizable. Whenever I looked at Donna, I’m sure it’s her. But when I looked at Dynda, for a sec I’ll be like..ini Donna ke Dynda? 😄

Many asked me that do they fight? Yes they do, always and everyday! It’s sooo cute to see them arguing with each other in their baby language but when they start to go physical, you gotta watch out! 

Now let’s go to describing each of them separately.

DONNA @ NONNA (First Twin Girl)

Kakak! My adventurous girl. She is…! Even for a fact of being a locked-down baby that rarely went outdoor, she’s unafraid of any surroundings. Be it the playground, or malls or beaches, she’s naturally happy and outgoing. Even if being left in the bathroom alone, she’d stay and continue playing with the water. A brave girl this one, call her Donna the Explorer! 

DYNDA @ INDAH (Second Twin Girl)

Obviously, she’s a daddy’s girl! Ever since she started recognizing faces, she’s always attracted more to her daddy and until now she’s soooo extra manja with Ayah. She even sleeps with him! All my kids, even if they cling to the father and playing with him all day, come night they’ll be crawling back to me to sleep. This girl, she needs to park under daddy’s armpit. Haha!

I’d been teasing my Husband coz he once told me every time I got pregnant that he wouldn’t mind the baby to be a girl or a boy, there would be no issue for him coz they’re all our kids anyway. Now that he knows the joy of having a daddy’s girl around, like an obsessed little girlfriend. It’s a special bond one couldn’t explain but of course it doesn’t compare the love to the other siblings coz every one has a way to relate to the parent, right? They each are different but we love every one the same, in their own special way! 


Okay, this is non-sense. At home, my boys and I, we had our own secret codes that we’d have to pronounce whenever we request a favor from the person. Like when they knocked the door, or if I asked them to throw the rubbish, then I’ve to tell what’s their secret code that’s not even a secret! Haha. So what are those secret codes?!

Edhany ~ Hambadigambodey!
Errasy ~ Oge-nine!
Errysh ~ Apala asi kotokkkk!
Mom ~ Tada tada baby taada!

Don’t ask me what the heck those all mean! Or how was it generated. They just appeared. Totally meaningless.  Hahahaha… We don’t play this anymore now but it’s funny (or embarrassing? =p) to recall it sometimes. Tah ape-ape je! The consequence of being at home for too long, maybe. Hehehe. 


No, that’s not all. There are many more things when it comes to talking about our kids coz they’re the screenplay of mind that keeps rolling at all times. Never stopped, never paused. Just like the bloom of our love to them, it’s everlasting.

My Dears Dhany, Ayash, Eyish, Nonna & Indah,


As ever,

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