Welcome Ramadhan

My late post welcoming Ramadhan. It’s been a week now but still, ahlan wa sahlan Ya Ramadhan! The first time I got pregnant, I got to fast during my first trimester of the pregnancy. It was quite hard if I could remember. The day part was fine but when it came to breakfasting, it was … Continue reading Welcome Ramadhan

Cough Syrup for Pregnant Women

To all preggy mothers out there, if you’re having cough during pregnancy and in search of medicines to sooth your throat and subside your cough finally, I would like to share this particular cough syrup that you can take that is effective and most importantly, it's confirmed pregnancy-safe. I consumed this during my second pregnancy … Continue reading Cough Syrup for Pregnant Women

The End of First Trimester

It's gone! Finally the challenging first 13 weeks of pregnancy have gone altogether with all its packages. Alhamdulillah, I'm still pregnant and much healthier. Time to story about it. IT'S POSITIVE Almost a week of missed period. Ding dong! Am I pregnant? Erm...that question must come to mind because my period has always been consistent. … Continue reading The End of First Trimester