Book Review : Screen Time by Becca Caddy

My very first book review for 2022! Hello everyone, how are you?! And how’s the New Year this time? Hopefully it’s been kicking you with all the good vibes so far.

I began the year reading a book on SCREEN TIME – Your Phone, Your Rules! Haha. Obviously telling that my new resolution is to stop playing with the phone all day, pleaseee? Lol. But no, actually. It’s an everyday resolution that has never practically been realized. This book is just another attempt to try better and never give up!


At the intro I already liked the book as it’s really up-to-date. It’s a new book published in 2021 which is after the outburst of Covid-19 into the world that impacted our reliance on screens headlong. Which is yes, I still remember a couple of years ago whenever I wanna have a no-phone day at home I could just put it away and nothing would be affected. When I say I don’t want to check the phone today, I don’t have to.

But now, an hour of switching off I could miss my courier delivery (more frequent online shopping these days!), I can’t order my food, my groceries, I can’t blog, I can’t check my kids homework or the timetable which afterall I can’t do many important things. And leaving the phone home when going to the shop nowadays means – no entry!

The world has changed a lot. With multiple lockdowns we faced and no more luxuries of meeting up with friends like before (no SOPs and worries to bring kids), of course screens are becoming more friendly to us now – to stay connected, a source of entertainment – for Netflix and such, a priority – for works and of course, as a window for us to peek on the outside world – for news and viral stuff and whatnots. Hah right!

So the author truly understands that our reliance on screens is not merely a bad habit because now obviously it’s a major necessity in our everyday lives but intensely overtakes even more of our time so she doesn’t cross them all off and conclude it as a time-wasting device. Instead, she makes us understand why it happens to be that way through juicy research that makes sense.

She talks about the tactics of these technology companies and apps developers, the psychology behind it that influences our hormones that’s so intriguing. I just learned about dopamines so now I am becoming more alert if it’s attacking me while I’m scrolling so I gotta stop now now. Haha. Interesting!

But yeah, that’s how she put it by and large. It’s about the awareness of the concepts behind this mysterious time-stealer for us to understand, then only she came out with suggestions and tips to slow down. The title mentions screen time hence it encompasses all kinds of screens including laptops for work and also gaming. My problem is soc-med above all. It’s poison!


A little downside of this book is that… it’s not funny. There are just little jokes in there making it a horizontal reading to me. It’s always fun to read non-fiction books with witty writings but this one I guess.. the cover already tells it, right? So plain. Hehe.


These are my favourite extracts from the book to share with you guys.

~Stressfulness is not because of what we do, but of what we don’t get done.~

~Don’t encounter boredom. Feel it!~

“I don’t feel good. I’ll look at Instagram to make me feel worse. I don’t feel good again.”

~ On parenting when it comes to limiting our children’s use of gadgets :
“Being too strict will mean there’s no opportunity for that to happen : no chance for the children to show you the videos they’ve made, the games they have been playing or the cool things they’ve learned how to do that they want to share with you.”


This book is not typically about curbing screen addictions because after all for most people it’s actually not an addiction. It’s more about understanding how this habit is affecting our lives without denying its significance and how to deal with it relevantly to make peace with the device and our own wellbeing.


Do I recommend you to read this book? Well depends, if you’re keen on curbing your screen time, to me, the tips given are quite Google-able. But, if you’re doing some research for work or for your studies, or presentation in regards to the topic, I think yeah this book will be a great help. The coverage is whole and there are many good points can be extracted out as your material. Just don’t forget to cite!

I would love to share my personal takeaways from this book on Emotional Regulations I guess in my next post.

As ever,

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