Officially a Mother of Three

It’s official, it’s true, and it’s real. Me - I’m now officially a mother of three! It’s not unbelievable. Since November last year when I first discovered this pregnancy, time flew fast but I lived in every moment so yes I knew I wasn’t dreaming when the nurse handed my new bundle of joy into … Continue reading Officially a Mother of Three

A Boy or a Girl?

I am now at 16 weeks, exactly today. Tomorrow I’ll be going for my next antenatal check-up which is the third one. Tomorrow, my two months long of curiosity might end. Tomorrow, I’m expecting to see the gender of my baby. A boy or girl? I’m so nervous now! Can we already see it? Well, … Continue reading A Boy or a Girl?

The End of First Trimester

It's gone! Finally the challenging first 13 weeks of pregnancy have gone altogether with all its packages. Alhamdulillah, I'm still pregnant and much healthier. Time to story about it. IT'S POSITIVE Almost a week of missed period. Ding dong! Am I pregnant? Erm...that question must come to mind because my period has always been consistent. … Continue reading The End of First Trimester