I Need You More

Home Aloneeeee. Year-End School Holiday is here and so the kids are away leaving Mom alone at home for a sumptuous me-time! Hoyeah! As usual, it’s time for me to shoot all the things I’ve been planning to do but couldn’t do just because of my handful attachment when the kids were around. Clearly, I … Continue reading I Need You More

Istidraj, A Test For All

What is Istidraj? Istidraj is basically when Allah s.w.t gives fortunes to someone whereby Allah s.w.t is not pleased with him. It is a ‘punishment’ in a way that Allah s.w.t gives more and more to a person, but it doesn’t make him remember Allah s.w.t for the favors and joy that they binged on. … Continue reading Istidraj, A Test For All

Pre-Year End Chatter

It’s November already!! The year 2022 is ending soon. It’s time to get overwhelmed for no reason except, it’s just my thing. The love-hate psychology of leaving the current year vs. heading to the new year that has no issue for anyone. It’s just meeee. Well, being appreciative of every single year I am gifted … Continue reading Pre-Year End Chatter

Identity Crisis

“When we forget about Allah, we forget about ourselves. And that’s when we’re having identity crisis.” – Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed The talk that I attended weeks ago titled DIVINE CONNECTION talked about SELF-WORTH. It was so good, so interesting. Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed reminded us about our self-worth as a human being and the quote above … Continue reading Identity Crisis

A Fulfilling Weekend

The past weekend has been the most fulfilling one to me! Satisfying much, I attended three online talks organized by Faith Events inviting my favourite speaker Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed live in Kuala Lumpur! Alhamdulillah. I was already excited when they announced the speaker’s name but I felt even more thrilled when they revealed the topics … Continue reading A Fulfilling Weekend