Book Review : Light for the Lost Soul by Mizz Nina

When the book was published earlier this year, I didn't think I'd buy it. It looks interesting, yes but maybe because I was not a fan of Mizz Nina before when she was an artist and I also don't follow her much online. Usually when I fancy a celebrity I would collect their merchandise like … Continue reading Book Review : Light for the Lost Soul by Mizz Nina

Recap 2021

Days are long, years are short. That's how I'd describe my 2021 in a nutshell. 365 days but it only seems like a month in total. I think there were days that I didn't even wake up from sleep. Know-know, a month by month has passed, know-know, it's December!  It's real that to finish each … Continue reading Recap 2021

Easier-Going Muslim

#latepost Something caught my eyes when I scrolled down my Facebook timeline the other day. "Shah Rukh Khan and Dr. Zakir Naik – a Live Dialogue on Muslims’ Identity" - wow, two significant icons in their respective industries met on the same stage to talk about Islam? Interesting. It's an old video from 2010 I … Continue reading Easier-Going Muslim