Book of the Year

At year-ends, I usually will scan through my bookshelves and pick the best books I’ve read throughout the year. Those are the ones that I rated 4 and 5 stars and feel they deserved to be re-read.

Because I’m running out of time in this year (as if like it can’t be written next year, haha) let me just highlight only one particular book that I really love, one that I’m so attached to at the moment. It is the Quranic Wisdom by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

quranic wisdom.JPG

Bought at the Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (PBAKL) 2017.
Booth : Dakwah Corner.

As per the title, this book aims to convey the wisdoms presented by the Almighty by highlighting the basic theme in the Quran which is THE CREATION PLAN OF GOD. The coverage is comprehensive of so many subjects that in the end will relate back to this basic theme and will make us understand the primary purpose of this life in a sense of the divide plan. It’s like reading an extension of Quran translation.

It’s a really good read; each topic is only about 2 to 4 pages. Some points are repetitive hence the more we read, the more we understand the concept it’s talking about. This is my Book of the Year.

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Arranging My Bookshelves on Goodreads

I think I’m funny. I played around with the Goodreads apps browsing and adding books only to know that I created 10 shelves in total! Haha… Who on earth needs 10 virtual bookshelves when you can actually load thousands of books in only one default Read shelve with no-collapse assurance? Me, and I have my own justification. :p

Here’s the list of my shelves :


Four Read shelves labelled by years? That’s triggered by my date-oriented nature that really thinks I need to group my books based on the year read. If possible, I wanna sub-group them by months, hehe. But of course it’s not necessitous and as years pass by; it’s gonna be so messy to have these 2018, 2019, 2020 and so forth. I think I will just cancel the rest and only maintain the current year and the default read shelve for older books.

Just for now, I wanted to see my collections since 2015 – the year I revisited this hobby after abandoning it for quite some time. My God I’m so good at abandoning things even they’re some sort of entertainment to me. How could it be, self?

Well, I can say that was since I got married or more factually, married to a no-bookworm. My husband, he doesn’t read books! We still remember a moment in the beginning of our relationship; the ice-breaker phase. On the phone, we talked about our favourites and I told him about my reading pastime. I went on and on talking about my favourite books, this book and that book. And he was like.. clueless. Didn’t know what to reply vis-à-vis books and so he tactically diverted the topic into movies. So then we talked about movies. No more books. Haha. It’s funny to recall it now yet funnier to realize that I didn’t grasp that hint telling me that we’re so contradict so why did I marry this man?! Hahaha..

And so 2015 was the year I returned to reading as I was setting up my goals for the New Year, I searched for things that could activate my brain other than just fulfilling my to-do list with the never-ending house chores and life errands. My current collections are all starting from only 2 years ago and it’s growing I’m loving it!

Moral is, even though we don’t marry someone who shares the same interests with us and even if our spouses are more dominant in influencing us to follow their stuff, it doesn’t mean we have to give up things that we love to do. Sometimes we tend to abandon them just because we donned our head with multiple hats. But hey, don’t let our concerns toward others steal the concern over our own selves, okay? While my husband is not a book lover like I am, that wouldn’t space a distance between us.

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Book Review and To-do

I just finished a book that is a biography. Title : One Day It’ll All Make Sense by Common with Adam Bradley. The author is an American rapper, actor and film producer. I was attracted by the title that it’s like telling you how life can be full of question marks but in the end, it’ll all make sense.

One Day It'll All Make Sense

So yeah it started out with the story of a broken family that he came from and how from there he went through life achieving his dreams. Nicely written and thoughtful but also too detailed and so many names mentioned. Nevertheless, what I really like is that throughout the chapters, there are passages written by his mother speaking her view of his life from her perspectives.  It’s like a parenting book as well.

At the end of the book, there’s a study guide by Dr. Mahala Hines discussing on the topics to relate the contents of the book with us. For example :

“Rashid (the actual name of Common) writes about love and fear influencing the decisions he makes. How do love and fear influence the decisions you make?”

Something like that. But I’m not interested with that one. I’ve picked these two prologue activities as my to-do’s :

In the prologue, Rashid states, “I also realize that my life is an expression of all those I have known and all who have known me.”
List at least five people who have made an impression on your life. Explain how each person has shaped who you are today.

In the chapter Take It Ez, Rashid wrote a letter to his younger self. His own person who once did not know what the future had in store.
Write a letter to yourself as if you are a thirty-year-old reflecting on your youth.

Now, does this mean I have a homework? Yes, one that has no deadlines 😀

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Reading Diet

“A reading diet is basically reading different types of books. A lot of people tend to stick to one genre of books because that’s what they like but they should liven up their reading “diet” by reading other types of books like classic books, educational books, etc.” [What is Reading Diet]

I came across this term today. It’s something that I always do especially when setting up goals for the new year, I don’t know there’s a specific terminology on that. Hehe, cool. Some other definition says it’s about allocating how many hours a day or a week to read what. Depends on individual as for myself, let’s take it as a diet for the whole year of 2017.

Speaking of genre of books, my all-time favourite is; self-help, or you call it motivational books. I’ve been reading this kind of books since my university time and I could not stop. Self-help books are always inspiring and they keep me going with my daily life. It is the first section I will head on to whenever I pay a visit to bookstores. I have read everything self-help. Family self-help, Islamic self-help, parenting self-help and even a self-help for a broken-heart. This genre will never go out of my reading diet.

But when setting up my reading goals annually, I will add-on other genres too. For 2016, because I was involved with stock trading, my focus was more to investment books and related. My favourite pick I would love to recommend to anyone who’s searching for a good investment book is the ‘Secret Psychology of Millionaire Traders by Conrad Alvin Lim.’ 

Fiction was my favourite when I was a student but now, not anymore. I even had a collection of Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. It’s been awhile I haven’t been reading novels so I added it in my list and the target was to read three novels in the year. So yeah, I did it three but somehow, it wasn’t really fun anymore like when I was younger. It was so draggy to finish one book, haha you know the feeling.


Here comes 2017, I have set some new genres to feed my reading appetite this year. Those are Religion (Islam), Places and Biography. These are sooo rare to me..hehe. All these while, I do read Islamic books but those are more to ibadah guidelines, du’a collections and Islamic parenting. This time, my approach is more towards worldly issues that happened in the history of our religion. It’s pretty mortified to admit that my knowledge on this subject is so scarce. At times, I avoid to read on these topics because I think it’s too heavy for me absorb. But hey, I’m 30 already I should make a change! Until when do I read just my favourite genres and not grow? I will start with this book “Jerusalem In The Quran by Imran Hosein” recommended by my reading buddy, Aimi. She’s been recommending all those heavy-to-digest books to me. She said “stop lahh reading all those self-help books, read theseee” haha so cruel! But yeah, gonna give myself a try. I’m sure there are so much interesting facts about my religion I never knew existed.


Places. I am not a frequent traveller. The first time I went out of the country was only at the age of 30. I even haven’t finished visited my own country. The problem is with myself. I am not adventurous and travelling is absolutely a big deal to me. I’m not the kind of spontaneous guys who can just pack and go with only minimal planning. But I know the benefits of exploring places while it’s also a sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who, amongst other things, saw it as an essential way to seek knowledge and appreciate God’s creations. To develop the interest, why don’t I start with reading books on places or travelling tips which I saw quite a plenty nowadays produced by local travellers. That would suit me.

Biography is the story of someone’s life. Personally, I love to learn from people’s life experience. Every individual has his own stories and especially for successful people, there must be a journey worth taking. Sometimes, life can be so dramatic yet real. How do these people get through it? What do they learn from it? After all that happened what has actually made them today? What are their personal thoughts on life? My mom has a biography book of Prof. Dr. Muhaya and when I read through, I can’t be more inspired. She is gold. May Allah bless her and my mom too.

There goes my reading diet for 2017. What about yours? I can’t wait to head on to my favourite bookstores to splurge myself with books. Whatever your pick is, may we all gain something from it and this is gonna be another year of contentment. Happy reading!

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