Pre-Year End Chatter

It’s November already!! The year 2022 is ending soon. It’s time to get overwhelmed for no reason except, it’s just my thing. The love-hate psychology of leaving the current year vs. heading to the new year that has no issue for anyone. It’s just meeee. Well, being appreciative of every single year I am gifted … Continue reading Pre-Year End Chatter

11 Years Blogging Anniversary

Happy Blogging Anniversary to meeeeeeeeeee….!!! This date, 11 years ago was the day where it all began. I can’t believe it’s more than a decade since, wow! And this is my very first post that I published in my blog. Hahaha... So funny okay! With the funky spellings and all... My God. I started blogging … Continue reading 11 Years Blogging Anniversary

A Writer or a Quoter?

I was composing a blogpost when my husband came and sat beside me. I stopped typing and had a chit-chat with him. Me: You remember yesterday we went to the kindy, the teacher reminded us to teach the kids at home? Hubs: Yea.. Me: You heard she said about the reward in the hereafter and … Continue reading A Writer or a Quoter?