My mother turns 64 today. Alhamdulillah. Happy Birthday to her! Every time we return to our hometown in JB, every of her grandkids will have to mengaji with her. Not just the kids, even me too, I’ll also steal the time to have my mom checking on my recitation on certain surah I was working … Continue reading Consciousness

Errasy’s Birth Story

Earlier this year, I went through some tough times raising my 2 year-old toddler who was in the terrible twos phase. It was a real struggle to face his tantrums almost every single day and night when anything I did couldn’t settle his cry. Once he got disappointed just for a tiny thing, his tantrums … Continue reading Errasy’s Birth Story

31, But Thens…

Ambition was one of the most common questions being asked when we were a kid. We'd be like "When I grow up, I wanna be this...I wanna be that"... answering people. When we're alone, we daydreamed beyond everyone's expectation on us. It seemed like a very long way to go but we just couldn't wait. … Continue reading 31, But Thens…

EE Turns 33

When he caught his first white hair on his beard his reaction was, "Wow, the next Amitabh Bachchan is in the making!"  Haha... This is the very foremost person I met who is that excited about getting old. Normally, people would freak-out. I mean, that's me. Yesterday he turned 33, my Husband. I planned to … Continue reading EE Turns 33

Our Significant Dhany

When I created this blog, the purpose was to document my pregnancy journey into stories compilation. I was so ambitious to blog every single thing I faced, felt, thought and learned in the journey into motherhood. When my baby is out, I wanted to upload thousands photos of him doing everything, record every milestone he … Continue reading Our Significant Dhany