The Covid Concept

Officially fully vaccinated.  Alhamdulillah, received my second dose of Astrazeneca yesterday with everything went well.  When it comes to deciding whether or not I am to be vaccinated, this commitment falls under ikhtiar - an effort. An effort to fight Covid-19 by building herd immunity in the country so the population will become immune to … Continue reading The Covid Concept

Heart Issues

I once had an argument with my husband for being so overthinking of what people say about me and of what people actually meant from what they say. I have always been interpreting things even long after I had the conversation.  My husband, on the other hand, who is simpler minded disagreed with me and … Continue reading Heart Issues

This Too Shall Pass

We always use the phrase above for bad things to console our hearts when facing difficulties in life. It is to remind us to not dwell upon it too much for nothing remains forever and rainbows will appear after the rain. Reading tonight shot me a bombshell. It says, this phrase should also be used … Continue reading This Too Shall Pass

From Complaints to Gratitude

Covid-19. Coronavirus. There's really no words to describe how bad this ugly virus has wrecked the world ever since its appearance in 2019. It made histories, it changed everything and everyone whether or not they're infected by the disease. PANDEMIC. It changed the world in so many ways, like never before. This virus, is totally … Continue reading From Complaints to Gratitude