Pre-Year End Chatter

It’s November already!! The year 2022 is ending soon. It’s time to get overwhelmed for no reason except, it’s just my thing. The love-hate psychology of leaving the current year vs. heading to the new year that has no issue for anyone. It’s just meeee. Well, being appreciative of every single year I am gifted … Continue reading Pre-Year End Chatter

Questions Twin Moms Get Asked

Actually, this is from a blogpost that I came across and I feel like I wanna write about this too. But the original title was “17 Annoying Questions Twin Moms Get Asked by Complete Strangers.” Annoying questions?! Hahha… When I went through the list then oh okay, it’s more of what is called ‘typical questions’ … Continue reading Questions Twin Moms Get Asked


It has been six months. Six months since then.Since the fate unfolded.Since the home broken.Since the tragedy outburst.Since the world crumbled.Since the history written. Six months…Since the wait over.Since the bond untied.Since the story ended.Since the life ruined.Since the reality hit. Since the freedom attained.Since the wisdom revealed.Since the healing began.Since the hope reborn. Six … Continue reading Survival