Assalamualaikum & Hello

Welcome to my blog and Thank You for dropping by this page.

Here I’m gonna tell you a little bit about someone behind SalzyMommyhoodBlog which is; Myself. 😉

My name is Saleha Malek, my pen-name is Salzy.
I’m a lucky daughter, a blessed wife and a happy mother of two boys.

My origin is from Kelantan, I grew up in Johor Bahru.
Now I’m living and working in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

I started blogging in 2006 when I was 20 years old with my old blog; My Kunang-Kunang.

In 2012, I created this blog with the intention to make it like a parenting blog as I got pregnant of my first child. This is why the name has ‘Mommyhood’ on it. Anyhow, the writing only lasted for four months and stopped.

In 2017, I put on the blogger hat again. Using the same blog but the purpose now is not just focusing on parenting and motherhood; I would love to talk about anything, anything that crossed my mind. For now, I’m maintaining the same name so mind this when the topic is not motherhood-related, ya? 🙂

You didn’t ask, but my hobby is reading and I love chocolates and cakes.

What else?
I think that’s all about me.

Feel free to surf through. I write from the heart and mind, and also references. I hope my readers will gain something from my non-melodious librettos, directly or indirectly. Not in my plan to hurt anyone’s feeling here but if happens to be you’re unhappy with any of my words, apology is in order…. I’m sorry. 😦

Have a good time, everyone. Till then.

-As ever, SALZY-

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