Identity Crisis

“When we forget about Allah, we forget about ourselves. And that’s when we’re having identity crisis.” – Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed The talk that I attended weeks ago titled DIVINE CONNECTION talked about SELF-WORTH. It was so good, so interesting. Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed reminded us about our self-worth as a human being and the quote above … Continue reading Identity Crisis

Only I Knew

Some clothes just don't fit, won't fit. They checked and rechecked to see if it would fit me, and I, it. I was told repeatedly of its creation and its 'one of a kind' unique qualities. The day came when I was to wear this garment. From the beginning, the weight of the fabric stifled … Continue reading Only I Knew

The Silent Battle

Book Review : Rekindle Your Life by Muhammad Al Arifi Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi is a famous author that I always heard before and his famous book Enjoy Your Life has been recommended by many. I haven’t read the book yet but there’s another book I simply bought that when I checked then I noticed, oh … Continue reading The Silent Battle


It has been six months. Six months since then.Since the fate unfolded.Since the home broken.Since the tragedy outburst.Since the world crumbled.Since the history written. Six months…Since the wait over.Since the bond untied.Since the story ended.Since the life ruined.Since the reality hit. Since the freedom attained.Since the wisdom revealed.Since the healing began.Since the hope reborn. Six … Continue reading Survival

A Beautiful Beginning

Circa 1989 I was surprised when my brother shared this picture in the whatsapp group the other day. An old picture of our family over 30 years ago. Oh how nostalgic!! What surprised me was actually because I think I've never seen this photo before. Or maybe I just couldn't recall.. But really, I think … Continue reading A Beautiful Beginning