Recap 2021

Days are long, years are short. That's how I'd describe my 2021 in a nutshell. 365 days but it only seems like a month in total. I think there were days that I didn't even wake up from sleep. Know-know, a month by month has passed, know-know, it's December!  It's real that to finish each … Continue reading Recap 2021

Good Bye 2018

Sigh.. I begin this with a "sigh"... 2018...was a pretty difficult year to me, to be exact..a every emotional year to me. I began it being pregnant, for half of the year. My third pregnancy, one that I felt the most difficult, took control over my self-bringing, daily productivity and motivation. I was tired all … Continue reading Good Bye 2018

Recap 2017 (Part 2)

READING, BLOGGING & LEARNING In overall, I can summarize my focus of this year is of the above three things. I surrounded myself with many books and had a non-ending reading list; I’m a happy me. I blogged as I intended and I learned some things. It’s a contented year I must say despite losing … Continue reading Recap 2017 (Part 2)