The Silent Battle

Book Review : Rekindle Your Life by Muhammad Al Arifi Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi is a famous author that I always heard before and his famous book Enjoy Your Life has been recommended by many. I haven’t read the book yet but there’s another book I simply bought that when I checked then I noticed, oh … Continue reading The Silent Battle

Quote : Worship

When you trust the Almighty, there’s no worry. Worry and worship don’t go together. Worry is a powerful tool used by Satan to deny us of what our Lord has planned for us. He will plant all sorts of ideas in our head. Do not let Satan get the upper hand. Be on guard. Stay … Continue reading Quote : Worship

The Covid Concept

Officially fully vaccinated.  Alhamdulillah, received my second dose of Astrazeneca yesterday with everything went well.  When it comes to deciding whether or not I am to be vaccinated, this commitment falls under ikhtiar - an effort. An effort to fight Covid-19 by building herd immunity in the country so the population will become immune to … Continue reading The Covid Concept