It has been six months.

Six months since then.
Since the fate unfolded.
Since the home broken.
Since the tragedy outburst.
Since the world crumbled.
Since the history written.

Six months…
Since the wait over.
Since the bond untied.
Since the story ended.
Since the life ruined.
Since the reality hit.

Since the freedom attained.
Since the wisdom revealed.
Since the healing began.
Since the hope reborn.

Six months of feeling all the feelings…
…of accepting the truth.
…of grounding to the earth.
…of crying in silence.
…of waking in the dark.
…of crawling in the tunnel.
…of fighting for the right.
…of praying for the best.

Sometimes, it feels like a moment.
Sometimes, it seems like forever.
Maybe this is just how… survival looks like.

I’m on it.
And I’ll keep moving on it.
Until the day, I become a survivor.

As ever,


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