The Silent Battle

Book Review : Rekindle Your Life by Muhammad Al Arifi

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi is a famous author that I always heard before and his famous book Enjoy Your Life has been recommended by many. I haven’t read the book yet but there’s another book I simply bought that when I checked then I noticed, oh this is the author! I was excited to read those ‘Inspiring True Stories’ presented, however…. Here’s a little review.


This book compiles many inspiring stories from hadith, solafus soleh as well as the author’s own experience. The stories are all spiritually motivating and carrying deep messages for us, though some stories are quite familiar.  

But I didn’t enjoy reading the book that much because to me the English is a bit difficult. You might like to know that this is a translated book, so I guess the translation somehow disrupts the original conveyance of the stories making our reading less impactful. I feel like this book was written in speaking way hence the writing was a bit offhanded. It was quite a struggle for me to finish the whole book.


Still, there is always something from a book that I can share as a lesson or reminder for us all. There’s a sentence mentioned a few times in the book that somehow tickles my soul when I read it…Yes, only a sentence. A very meaningful one.

“Those who craved for Paradise have stories and secrets with their Lord, The Most High.”

This statement was in conclusion of the stories of individuals who went the extra, extra miles for the sake of Allah. The extra burdensome miles that if most of us were in the same complicated situations, we just won’t do it! #handsup. We might just surrender and ask Allah for forgiveness for our weaknesses or better not, justify our failures. Oh no, may Allah protect us!

But those people personally stood a robust stance for Islam, in a way that we couldn’t brain it! That’s what the author said; they were the people who craved for paradise, for real.

But then, what about us? Don’t we crave for paradise the same?
I mean, we all do. Cause who doesn’t want paradise, anyway?

So yeah I believe, every one of us has our own battles when it comes to attaining the Mercy of Allah to enter Jannah. There’ll be a point in our lives where Allah s.w.t decreed of testing our faith. It’s the ‘turning point’ we called it, and it is usually not easy.

However, no matter what battles we’re toiling, the battle belongs to us.
We’re the heroes of our own stories.
We’re the ones who have to face it.
We’re the ones who have to endure it.
We’re the ones who have to decide on what and how we’re going to confront it.

So when it comes to deciding or choosing a certain path, we will have our own reasons of why we do such and such, and sometimes it is not comprehendible by the people around us. They would tell us you shouldn’t do like that or you should do this instead.

Deep inside our heart, we knew what we do and why we do such thing in such a way etcetera. It’s something that we couldn’t simply explain or even if we do, people won’t understand completely the same. It’s complicated that sometimes we feel like giving up, BUT we’d still go for it anyway.

Why? Because, it’s the stories and secrets that we have with our Lord that make us pursue that certain path or stay put in a certain situation – no matter the judgement, criticism, blame and all that pressure. We continue the journey, taking it as our silent battle.

Well, that’s one kind of a phenomenon reflected from book. Be it what it would, it is just a test and Allah knows everything that we go through. Take it as a chance for us to make those stories and secrets that we have as an exclusive connection to build and strengthen our relationship with Allah s.w.t. for us to face every difficulty in life.

As ever,

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