You Are My Protector

We should never ask for calamities. We should never pray for mishaps to happen.

In our religion, Islam, we’re taught to pray, to supplicate to our Lord. It’s a devotion, a form of ibadah obliged on the servants to connect themselves with The One who created them.

We must supplicate.

But we should only pray for goodness, we cannot ask for bad things. We cannot ask Allah for tribulations. Though we know, trials and tribulations are actually good things. If it happens, it happens for a good reason. There must be wisdoms behind it, there must be something better awaiting ahead. And in fact, the people who were tested severely on earth and faced it with patience and perseverance, will be placed on a high level of paradise with the mercy of Allah Azza wa Jalla.

Still, we’d better not wish for it. No.

On the other hand.

Throughout this life, we as a Muslim, we always have to work on increasing our Iman. Our faith is something that goes up and down while our heart fluctuates all the time. Despite this nature, we’re still required to be better, to be closer and closer to Allah s.w.t. Those who have this awareness in themselves show that they’re living the right purpose of life and not deceived by the worldly hanky-panky.

However, whenever a person takes himself to the path to become a true believer, he has to be ready to be tested – as told by the scholars. He has to be heedful that calamities might occur before him as a test from Allah s.w.t as how He tested the Prophets and predecessors before time. The higher the Iman, the greater the test is. This is what we have to bear in mind, and it doesn’t sound comforting at all.

Now it seems a little conflicting here.
We shouldn’t ask for a calamity, but we have work on increasing our Iman.
But increasing Iman invites tests and those tests could be in a form of calamities.
Thus, increasing Iman indirectly means asking for calamities?

How does it make sense that way? It sounds scary, no?
Now, do you feel like wanting to increase your Iman or better off, stay the same and just be all right with your current life, and deeds, and knowledge that you already maintained?
Do you then question yourself something like, ‘why should I be troubling myself and make life harder?’


My dear readers, Allah s.w.t says in the Quran that He does not burden a person with something that he cannot bear. So even though the tests are more difficult for those who are higher level of faith, they have the security in knowing that Allah s.w.t will never over burden them with something that they cannot overcome.

Hence, as you get higher in your level of faith and Iman, know that Allah s.w.t has qualified you along the way to face any challenges that would come before you.

In simple understanding,
overcoming difficulties in life progressively will make us become stronger and stronger,
our coping mechanisms will become tougher and most significantly,
our reliance of Allah s.w.t. becomes tighter.
That’s when we know that HE alone is enough as the Disposer of all our affairs.


I would love to share one of my favourite verses in the Quran that was ‘revealed’ to me in the most spontaneous way.

One day, I was playing with my twin girls. They were around 9 months old who loved to grab and throw things away so I let them play with some toys and baby books for them to pretend-read and bite.

Suddenly one of them randomly flung a book away towards me and coincidently, this particular page was spread open in front of me, and I immediately caught the words written on it.

“Anta Waliyyi”

You are my Protector in this world and the Hereafter. (Quran 12:101)

And I instantly felt a bit uncanny looking at the page and I kept staring on it and repeating it in my heart. It’s like I was speaking to God directly, really? I felt so small of myself, but wow…. MasyaAllah, the words are simple yet so strong.

There is like a magic in the words of Allah. It makes me feel protected, brave, and strong. Saying those words also brought a surety of trust and conviction in me on The Protector. I felt like I’m in the safe hands of God; Allah Al-Waliy.

I took the book incident as a gift from Allah. Since then, this verse has been my force when facing difficult moments in life. When I’m feeling scared and vulnerable, I will recite the du’a ~ Faatirassamawati wal ardh, Anta Waliyyi fiddunya wal akhirah. You Are My Protector, Ya Allah, here and hereafter. And it eased me straightaway.

Source :


The verse is actually from Surah Yusuf, a du’a that Prophet Yusuf a.s supplicated to Allah s.w.t at the end of the stories. After overcoming obstacles after obstacles and succeeding every difficult test destined to him, he didn’t take any credits for all that. He humbled himself to Allah realizing that Allah was The One protecting him from falling into sins or failures, not because of his faith and goodness.

And after all the rewards he obtained in the world, what he finally asked for is; a good ending. MasyaAllah.

In facing calamities in life, all we need is The Best Guardian, Protector and Helper to be with us all the time to ease the journey. After one test ended, another will come and another one is already waiting in queue. That’s the nature of life that we have to internalized. It’s not a bad thing, it is what it is. Learn from the stories of Prophet Yusuf a.s. and make him as our role model.

Work on our faith, build a strong connection with Allah s.w.t and never give up.

InsyaAllah. May Allah guide us all.

As ever,

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