Happy Father’s Day

My dad is one who brought so much values into my lives, mostly through kinda indirect ways. There is one important reminder from him, an inheriting lesson that I will always hold on to till the end of my breath.

“My father never gave up on me until I became what I wanted to be. So I would never give up on my kids. Now that you’re a parent, you also should never give up on your children.” – My Dad, Dr. Malek Hassan, whom I called by Abah.

Thank you Abah for the reminder. Yeah, children are always a blessing, a bundle of joy and a source of happiness. Nevertheless, no child is perfect even we are never perfect to our parents. Even we, along the ways of growing up, must have troubled our parents in many ways done or destined.

When the time comes, when a difficulty strikes at a point of my parenting journey, I will remember my dad’s advice. I will never give up on my kids for no matter what. I’ll be there and do whatever I could, with all the strength that’s inspirited by my dad. You’re an example, Happy Father’s Day.

As ever,

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