Awful August


I was sitting with my planner recapping my month and I become so dreadful. August, I entered this month with full of hopes but what turned out throughout were upheavals. Chaos, this is my chaotic month of the year 😦

At times, I feel like I’ve lost myself at some points. Too many things are happening around me my mind feels so overloaded. I sometimes found me frowning without I even noticed for how long already.

But most of the time actually, I am in the calmest state of self. Happy, still happy with my life and family despite major uncertainties lying ahead. I’m okay, I guess I’m still very okay.

Then it’s suddenly the 31st already. It’s a wrap of the month and I hope a wrap of all hardships too. Will just keep moving on with the time cause things can change… by time.

As ever,