Runaway Maid

It’s August again that reminds me of the incident happened a year ago – the runaway maid. Here’s the story.

We hired a maid (helper) upon the arrival of our twin babies last year in April, during Covid-19 MCO 1.0. That was the first time ever we hired a maid in our house, something that I thought I would never do.

Just a brief history, I grew up in a family with a housemaid attached ever since I was born. To be honest, I don’t like the persons we (my siblings and I) have become as a result of growing up in such a way that everything was prepared. I mean… we’re lack of basic life skills and not very handy when it comes to domestic responsibilities. I remember as a young girl, the only chore that I did in the morning was only made my own bed and the rest just, no. That’s how it created the reasoning for me to not have a maid for my own family.

Back to present, as I mind-set this in booming my family from one to two to three children, fate swayed in to oddly challenge my principle. My fourth pregnancy appeared much sooner than expected and its twins!

We were so mazed. Two pairs of hands to handle 5 kids, just how? My mom was so worried of us, she advised us to hire a maid and I had to oblige.

The maid arrived a day after I gave birth to the twins, and life began with a stranger at home. It was good, it was all fine. She’s good, diligent, polite, kids-friendly, okay in overall.

It’s only that, maids nowadays keep handphones with them, same goes to her. She’s always on the phone with those she claimed her families in her country. Truth is, she’s in contact with outsiders and for that, after 4 months staying with us – she’s gone! She ran away with two people who dropped by and picked her up in front of our house leaving my toddler and two babies alone while I was working-from-home in the room. Yes, luckily, I was home. And it’s the end of the experience.

I was so mad with this woman. I know, runaway maids subject is common when it comes to hiring one. I’ve heard of it everywhere but when it’s screwing me for real, it’s so offensive. It took me awhile to digest the situation and get my emotion back to steady-going.

But not until a year. At this moment, I’m already in peace thinking of every silver lining that’s hiding behind this cloud of test. Its too many until I reached to a point of absolute gratefulness, Alhamdulillah. Allow me to count these blessings….


Foremost, I’m back to holding my principle of no-maid policy in this family. Wait, I don’t mean those families with maids are not good – it’s morally respective. I know there are families that do have a maid but are still drilling the kids to do things on their own, and the maids are simply helping which is so good.

Me, I know myself well and I know the direction of this lifestyle would lead to – just like me, and I don’t want my kids to be the suffering adults for being raised up spoilt. I don’t blame my parents; they did their best in providing and protecting us so at least we didn’t have to stay at a stranger’s house to babysit us while they worked – Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal. But through life we learned and we shaped things the way we hope it to be the best in our outlook. It won’t be perfect anyway, this will not.


But after the incident, it’s clear to me that I actually truly hate the life of having a maid. Why? So many reasons…

  • We lived in just a small apartment of 3 rooms. It’s too packed!
  • I don’t like it when she’s playing with kids especially my 2-year-old son. Yes, I got jealous. Hahaha. Okay, this is unreasonable but honestly.. It’s different from seeing the kids with babysitters or teachers – I always liked it if they’re loving to my kids. But a maid, she’d look like a second mother. What more if they prefer her more than me? No way! Hahaha. Okay this is just my insecurity.
  • It’s also unhealthy economically. I don’t know how she’s pouring the ingredients and detergents, but everything finished so quickly. It’s hard to observe her usage but it’s quite obvious on the grocery listing – killing my budget every time.
  • Petty issues like asking me to buy this and that online, to transfer her salary earlier, to transfer her salary to different accounts for whatever reason. Macam-macamlah!

All of these are headache but during her stay, I completely ignored every single dissatisfaction you know why? Because nothing beats…. I repeat, NOTHING BEATS the peace of mind of seeing the house clean at all time! Haha YES. She’s very OCD that my house didn’t look like there were kids around. So for this alone, I compromised everything. Only when she left that I realized I’m actually happier without those headaches.


If she stayed with us that means she’s illegal for 2 years. I went to apply for her permit but I’ve gone overdue the grace period (mistake as a noob!) so the law is, she had to return to her country. The immigration officer allowed her stay until end of August only. Of course I wouldn’t send her back and that means after August I would live as an offender (for keeping a PATI at home) – this is normal for many but no, I don’t like it.

I was so stressed I called my dad and whined about this. He said to me, “Live one day at a time, live a situation by situation.” Then was June so I bypassed the problem and wouldn’t think about it until the time comes. And see what happened? She ran away just in time and problem solved by itself! Haha.. Learnt something? I did! Thanks, Abah 😊


You know when I look back, Allah’s plan is always beautiful and perfect. He sends help just right in time, redeems right in time.

She arrived in Malaysia a month earlier but couldn’t be transported to my house due to MCO. But she made it here over every obstacle in the eleventh hour of my emergency delivery, as soon as needed.

And I have to mention that when the time she left, I was joining a diet programme to reduce my pregnancy weight. Haha. I was on strict healthy diet and because of that my body felt so light and I felt very energetic, healthy and strong! Having to suddenly juggle the life with 5 kids without a helper, No Problemo! That’s how eating clean benefits our life so good (it only lasted for 2 months! :p).

That’s also how I see the perfection in His arrangement for all these matters. He knew the 4 months were crucial to me, He sent help. He knew I was capable thereafter, He redeemed. He got plans for me ready for the months to come, He got me prepared. Everything was perfect. Allah is indeed the Best of Planners. Allahu Akbar.

A year has passed differently. To my runaway maid, out of anger I once wished you’d get Covid out there (Astaghfirullah). After a while only I realized that you’re godsent that came into my life to teach me these priceless lessons. The wrong you did was purposely plotted in the storyline to lead to the desired ending. This is how I should look at every affliction destined in life, it’s always purposeful. I pray for your safety and goodness wherever you are and thank you for your help and commitment to my family throughout your stay here. We had a good time.

As ever,

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