I Am Vaccinated!

It’s the 1st of July the day I got vaccinated with the first dose of AstraZeneca in hope to protect against Covid-19 and more importantly in contributing to reach herd immunity for my country!

When the government announced there will be vaccine for this virus, I first thought that hurm it’s gonna be a long way to go until we really get jabbed. I thought  it was a very complicated process to produce a new vaccine. Then suddenly in February 2021, its hereee!

I was so in ignorance and not ready for that. It’s a new thing. It’s newly created. We’re the first generation to have this. The origins, the content, the side effects, everything has been viraled over the net in such a controversial way.

But it’s time now. With no signs of reduction of cases in the country, this could be the solution and I have to take part as well. Digested this reality and get myself registered and waited for my turn.

Slowly I saw people began sharing pictures of ‘Saya Telah Divaksinasi’ among my frontliner friends and even my own family members. The vibe is on!

In May suddenly the number of cases spiked up and everyone was like crazy to cucuk. The available vaccine was still limited that time I had to join the online battle to book for an appointment. What a funny process that’s what I’ll remember after all haha.

I managed to get a slot and my husband, too. Came the day, I went to the PPV alone. Felt so excited plus it was like a me-time to me! It’s so hard nowadays to get out from home alone longer due to MCO, and even now that I’m a stay at home mom. Yeay for a few hours.

I experienced a very smooth process just like many others who are satisfied with their great service. Very systematic despite the number of people queuing for turns. Everything was completed in 40 minutes and I’m done!

Side effects? This is what I was so nervous about. Heard people having fever post-AZvacc, I was just thinking about the kids and home. I really couldn’t afford to be unwell so I really hoped it would be kind on me but also, am being all-ready of any upcoming condition.

The night, after dinner I immediately took 2 tabs of panadol as many suggested and didn’t feel anything weird. But the next day, 18-hr post-jab, I experienced some kind of muscle pain throughout the whole body not specific to the jabbed area like most people. Took 2 tabs again, got a good rest and back to normal afterwards. That’s all. Thank God! Its not bad at all so now I’m nervous for the 2nd one!

Just the next morning after my vaccine day, I checked my MySejahtera and that the 2nd appointment was already set! Wow that fast I don’t even have to play the waiting game. 9 weeks gap and I’ll get my second dose of AstraZeneca, insyaAllah.

In this month particularly, we’re seeing the tremendous increase of people being vaccinated. Many many more issues raising up among the citizens (or rather “netizens”) with regards to vaccines. I couldn’t catch up and wouldn’t give a damn also. What’s important is my families, my friends and I; we’ve got overselves covered.

To herd immunity, Malaysiaku! Soon.

As ever,

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