Finding New Motivation

As usual, when I feel a little slow in motion, lazy and blues, I’ll shake my head and gather my strength to do this – FIND NEW MOTIVATION.

This time, I scrolled my podcast list and just right in time this one title appeared before me – Slump! Haha

The old me used to be so hard to regain whenever I fall in a slump (well now still, sometimes). There was a time when I returned from a vacation, I experienced this post-holiday syndrome for weeeeks. Imagine for many weeks my life ran on an auto-pilot mode, every day felt so purposeless. What a waste of too much time!

That habit has been with me for so long. Recently I know I was in dire need of a switch. This reminder to always find a new motivation is like a quick restart button for me to get up again, gear on and go. It’s not that motivation doesn’t last, but a motivated person that isn’t, just because we’re humans. There’s a saying; “Motivation is like taking bath, if you stop doing it, you begin to stink!” Bath; we need it everyday, twice a day at least. A person with stinking motivation? Sluggish just like a person not showered.

Back to me in finding new motivation. Its either I will flip my books or journal, go through Instagram positive channels, watch YouTube videos or lectures, or listen to my favourite podcast. I will keep on reading / watching / listening until I find a punchline that really hits me on the head. Something that will burn my spirit immediately!

This time on podcast, kinda interesting coz it’s not a lecture but a group of guys discussing on the topics they chose, changing opinions and suggestions and also sharing related hadiths and Quranic verses. An hour of discussion brought out the gist below! Not exactly the words, simply my takeaway from the overall :

“These ups and downs are normal, but when the intention is for the sake of Allah, the person will definitely rise up again. When our intention is nothing but Lillahitaala, it’s gonna be the base line to bounce us up whenever we slump down. We do it for Allah, Allah will help us. But if our intention is other than for the sake of Allah then when we go into a slump, don’t expect to go back up again.”

Beautiful! It instantly brightens me up and simply reminded me of my intention in the first place and to recheck my intention now. May Allah reward the podcast people. Truly, finding new motivation is my way of showering fresh to fight this slump and get set, go!

As Ever,


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