Hello 2019

The last -teen year has arrived before we step into 20’s that once we felt still so far to come yet suddenly, we’re already in a corner. Well it’s not here yet let’s just talk about what we’re currently in…it’s 2019!!

Alhamdulillah, we’re still alive until today. With the new year spirit that never failed to bloom in me despite the happenings at the end of last year, I’m very thankful for this life. Thank you Allah for this gift. We age by day everyday, so each day is a gift that comes the first after we wake up from the bed. How wonderful it is if we actually see it that way, instead of feeding our minds with 1001 never-ending worldly issues the moment we open our eyes.

Now, resolutions. I wanna keep it simple and general this time. Just a single sentence, but of course with elaboration, hehe. I can’t be that straightforward just so you know. So this year is the year that is – full of hopes, less of expectation. 

Hope versus expectation. No, they are not the same.

All these while, I’d been abusing myself, my heart with my own anticipation that things should go my way, the way I wanted it to be. I had lived my life with so much expectations through my desires, plannings and dreams. Often times, these led to anxiety and disappointment. Expectation is killing me, really.

Therefore I want to eliminate this negativity from my life, from today on. It’s not an easy process but no matter how, I will never lose hope. Yes, I’m converting those outlandish expectations into hopes, from the one and only; Allah s.w.t.. His blessing, His forgiveness and the belief that He has a lot in store for me, my rizq – are the things I wanna be hopeful for. What exactly, when, how…are the thinking that will lead to expectations. I am clear.

Happy New Year 2019. Have a blast!

As ever,

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