Next Check-up : To-do’s

Tomorrow is the day for my next check-up appointment. As always, it gets us excited all week! What’s awaiting? The most anticipating part has passed last week – to know the gender of our baby. Though it was quite apparent thru the ultrasound but we might want to reconfirm, right? Double check gitu.. 😉 But fyi, we have started buying boyish baby’s stuffs ocayy! Hehe..

So other than that, will just see what’s the doc has planned for..passing halfway through the pregnancy they might need to run any test or give a new set of medicines.. as for myself, all in my mind is just about seeing my baby inside..his movement, his measurement…and all I’m hoping is to listen only that everything is well. Ameen…

~Looking forward~

In the last checkup, I prepared a list of questions to ask doc. This time, nothing I guess. My pregnancy in the last four weeks since my last check up was quite fine.. even the headache that’s been hitting me all time last month has faded away… Alhamdulillah. So maybe it’s only the 4th month symptom. So now I fit in the pregnancy hormone already..cehh.

And also, no more confusion about the kicking. I can feel that clearly already!! I’m so excited every time my tiny resident is like so busy with his activity inside. Been wondering is it the legs kicking? The hands punching? Or he’s having hiccups? Alolo anak mom! Hopefully he’s having fun in there.. and keeps growing! 😉

Nothing to-ask, but I have a few things to-do. Let cheklist them! :

  •  Antenatal Class Registration – It becomes a must for new parents to attend this class right. So far all my friends said it’s very useful. So I must not miss the chance and am planning to attend it next month in December – my 6th month of pregnancy. I’ll get the details of the class and share it here.
  • Book for 4D Ultrasound – another exciting agenda! My friend advised us to go have the 4D ultrasound session at around 6 months of pregnancy. At that time, the baby’s features are complete and the baby’s size is just nice. After 7 months, the baby has almost fully accommodated the uterus that makes it difficult to scan through him. So next month is the time. Hopefully the schedule suits us!
  • Request for Maternity/Delivery Package  – We’ve been planning to deliver our baby at the hospital but we don’t even know whether we can afford the bills or not – boley tak?? Haha… I’m gonna ask for the delivery package – if they have it in particular or in range, and also maybe the room charges or anything…  It’s a private hospital so fees are definitely significant. My company is reimbursing a portion of the costs (can I say a small portion? :p – Alhamdulillah!!), but we still need to prepare ourselves and our pocket! Huhu…

I guess that’s all. It’s only a half day time-off  and gotta go back to work in the PM. So hopefully I can check everything done! Till then, till the next update. Bye!

Update : *My Lil’ Baby inside is 20 weeks old!*

Vitamins for Pregnancy

So far,up until the fourth month of pregnancy, I am only taking 3 types of pregnancy supplements all prescribed by my gynae. Those are Folic Acid, Pramilet and Neurogain.

  • Folic Acid

The first time I called my mom to tell her that I’m pregnant, even before I went for the confirmation check, she mentioned to me to take Folic Acid quickly. To know what Folic Acid is, do google ;). But briefly the purpose is to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida which is a neural tube defect. Haa….important right? You have to take it as early as possible. That’s why it’s also important for us to detect our pregnancy early. As your period overdue, quickly run a home urine pregnancy test. This Folic Acid is actually also a pre-pregnancy supplement. It may help you to conceive? – hehe not sure this one. But its surely good because your baby is protected since the very second it’s developed. I started taking it at my 6th week. At Guardian, it’s only RM0.95 sepapan of 10 pills. I’m still taking this now and if I’m not mistaken my gynae said it will continue until 5 months. 

  • Pramilet

Another supplement that I knew I have to take is Obimin. It’s a multivitamin for pregnancy entering the 2nd trimester. But for mine one, my gynae gave me Pramilet. It’s also a multivitamin, just with a different name and brand maybe. I started taking this since my 1st checkup at 10 weeks. For what it contains, kindly search. Point is, it’s a supplement for mothers.

  • Neurogain PB

This is for baby. Baby’s brain development in particular. Neurogain is a fish oil. I (mistakenly) started taking this as early as at 10 weeks of pregnancy. But actually it only needs to be taken starting from the 2nd trimester. It didn’t supply anything to the baby too early. Pls take note. Haha…I thought taking this vitamin is just a self initiative. But no, it’s actually recommended by the hospital. So don’t need to susah2 find it at pharmacy. Oh yea, one thing, because it is fish oil, it has to be taken SEPARATELY from the 2 tablets above. Because it’s oil. It will absord the pills supplement and you won’t gain anything from them. So I took Folic Acid and Pramilet after lunch, and Neurogain at dinner time.

Yeah, that’s all. One of each per day. If you vomit, do retake! If you’re forgetful, do use the pill reminder box like me. Hehe..Yeah, one of the pregnancy symptoms is being forgetful. Many women faced this issue. I don’t know whether I do. Because being not pregnant also I am sometimes (or always) forgetful. Hehe….

Till then, will update you any more medicines I take in future months. Take care!

Update : *My Baby inside is 17 weeks old!*

Pregnancy @ Week 17 : 3rd Check Up (Part 2 – Q&A Session)

  • Issue 1 – Kad Merah Klinik Kerajaan.

Bile pregnant je org akan tanye “Dah buat kad merah?” Or buku merah or kad pink or whatever you call it. I’m engaging a routine checkup at a private hospital and I don’t keep any of my pregnancy record with me. I saw the clinic maintains my details in one file but what’s given to me are only the appointment card, and also the ultrasound printscreen. That’s all. So some said you must have that. Some said not necessarily kad merah but at least any record for reference for any other hospitals in case of emergency (terberanak kat tempat lain plak) you got to be admitted not at your current hospital. Some said if the hospital don’t have specific book, ask a copy of the doctor’s record every time coming for checkups (memandaiiii aje!)

So that was the conflict so I asked doc. Answer – here in SunMed, they don’t give the details to patients. If you wanna go to other private hospitals, just go, no problem. But if you wanna go to GH for delivery, they won’t allow you if you’re without their kad merah. So if you plan to deliver at GH, you must buat your kad merah. If you wanna deliver at other private, kad merah is not necessary. If you don’t have kad merah and you got to be referred to GH, private will provide referral letter. Haaa…. Like that. If if if….

  • Issue 2 – Long distance travelling right after discharged

I lived in Sunway,PJ and am planning to be in confinement at my Mama’s house in JB. If I deliver my baby here in SunMed, would it be ok for me to travel in car for 3 to 4 hours all the way to JB right after discharged? Would it be dangerous? Would it be any bleeding or whatever?

Doc said – ”It’s ok, no problem, yes you can. Many ppl did that anyway. There are even ppl who travel by plane, straight to airport right after discharged. – That is if you have a natural birth (normal).”

But if you go thru caesarean, you have to come back for follow-ups after 10 days. So cannot balik kampong rightaway. Clarified.

  • Issue 3 – Serious dizziness

One of the symptoms in my 4th month of pregnancy is serious dizziness. No more nausea like in the first trimester but I feel dizzy like ALL THE TIME for the past two weeks can you imagine? Ok, not all the time but most of the time, seriously. L And being pregnant I know we can’t simply take any pills/pain killers. Sakit pon, tahan je lah.. so I asked doc and she said it’s all common. Until you reach certain phase of pregnancy it will fade. So now just bear with it, get rest or if you can’t stand it, you can take panadol. Panadol ONLY. The doctor is quite strict on the medication and she again stressed that I can’t simply take any pills/pain killers. Those drugs may defect your baby. Aaaaa takut! It’s ok lah doctor. I would rather just tahan this sakit pening kepala than taking any pills that can be risky. Huhu…

From what I read, as the pregnancy goes on, so does the tummy. The speedy expansion of the tummy (and body weight as well) might affect the way we balance our body because we are adapting with the new centre of gravity of our body. Yeah, that makes sense. Because my tummy has started gaining attention..those who don’t know I’m pregnant can already tell that I am. Other than that, it’s also because of heart that pumps more blood, the blood pressure and so on…so your organs are adjusting with the roller coasters inside. Still, it’s most unlikely that we will be all black-out and fall. Mine’s not until that bad. So just relax….and sabarrr….

  • Issue 4 – Other pregnancy supplements

Because we’re talking about pills restriction and so on, I came to ask her on other pregnancy products (there’s a bunch in the markets and online!). Again, she doesn’t allow her patients to take any other supplements than what she prescribed. Whatever that the hospital gives you is actually enough. Even some of those non-hospital products, got banned! So, clarified. So, xyah lah nak beli2 mcm2 product tambahan kat pasaran tu. We might not know the little possible side effects unless we do thorough research before taking it. I’m not that gigih. But for those whose taking any other supplements, of course it’s all up to individual, yeah? Later in the next post I’ll share with you the only Vitamins I’m taking for my pregnancy.

  • Issue 5 – Weight

What I knew about target of weight gaining during pregnancy is about 0.5kg a week = 2kg a month (+/-). After the fasting month and entering the second trimester, I gained better appetite and started to see my weight increment. Today, I gained 3kg+ from the previous month. Hee…! Doc said she doesn’t observe my weight..she just monitors the weight of my baby. Because I have a small physical so weight shouldn’t be an issue. Only that I have to jump over 50kg within this pregnancy. Ohhh I see….insyaAllah I can reach that in these few months. J

  • Issue 6 – The First Kicks?

Huhu…..this is what playing in my mind lately. When is baby gonna start kicking?? Penat tggu penat concentrate. I saw your legs already but tak kick mom pon? I even asked my hubby to listen at my tummy. Xde pon?? Huhu…

Me, ”Doc, when’s the baby start kicking?”

Doc, “There, its been kicing already. So active.”

Me, “What? But I never feel anything?”

Doc, “It’s not about when the baby starts kicking. It’s when YOU FEEL the kicks.”

Ohhhh……really…. I see…. Aaa…..this is tricky! I think sometimes I feel something inside but is that a kick? How is it actually? Aaaaa I don’t know! Conflict..conflict… hehehe…. It’s okay, take ur time baby. Or I’m the one who should take my time? Because this is my very first pregnancy. So I really don’t know how’s it like.. It’s okay…this is my journey! J According to doc, the latest I should be feeling the kicking is at 24 weeks. So it’s about 7 weeks from now insyaAllah I’ll feel it. Come on baby! Your dad is a good striker so come on, show your talent! :p Kesian baby he must be struggling inside! 😀

Not me. Just gambar hiasan. =p

Yeahh…. That is all the Q&A session in my third pregnancy checkup just for sharing. If you wanna add up anything you know about my confusion, pls do, thank you! 🙂

Update : *My Lil’ One inside is 16 weeks old!*

The Guessing Game

1st Ramadhan falls on 21st July 2012 while my Menstrual Calendar marked 20th July is the next menses period. Alaaa…. X dpt la sambut Ramadhan camnie.. (“sambut Ramadhan” as in dpt puasa on the 1st day of Ramadhan la). Eeee…arap2 la ‘kuar’ lmbt sket…satu hari pon jadilah.

Tetibe, dah msk bln, x period lg..Alhamduillah, dpt jgk pause on the 1st day of Ramadhan this year. 1st day, puasa. 2nd day puasa lg. 3rd day….eh, puasa lg? 4th day….nie period cycle dah terlebih2 nieee…..em? Adekah? Huhuhu….~ (Teruja campur seram campur nervous dan sebagai nyer!!) Dalam kepale nie penuh question marksss… Klu feeling nie diexpress dgn riak wajah, ianya adelah bibir tahan senyum, hidung kembang kempis kembang kempis. Kuikuikui.. 😀


 Dan lepas tu, mule lah ligat berpikir adekah aku pregnant? Ade ke rase mcm pregnant? Koz the past few months pon period asyik lmbt je 2-3 ari je la but then xde pon rase2 lain mcm ke..muntah ke..(mcm dlm tv tu) and lps tu, period jek mcm biase. Tp nie cycle dah up to 34-35 days which is the longest so far.

And then br la prasan.. lately nie ade rase lain mcm jgk. Ini early symptoms that I faced for this pregnancy, before knowing that I’m pregnant :

1)      Lower Abdominal Cramp – Bhgian perut bwh pusat tu, or more exactly kat bhgian uterus la kan, rase mcm somethinggg jek. Nak kate sakit sgt, x lah sakit sgt…tp mmg uneasy la..especially belah kanan! Nk tdo mlm pon x bleh sbb asyik rase je.. never felt this way before..

2)      Nausea and vomiting – ini obvious bukan? Hehe.. adelah 2-3 kali muntah or mcm nak muntah..mase sahur, skali kat office..Tapi, kte nie jenis mmg sikit2 pon nk muntah! X pregnant pon muntah jgk. Gastric muntah, pening nak muntah, bau busuk sket nk muntah, tgk mende2 gross sket nak muntah, sume nk muntah..hehehe…so, bile muntah2 tu x terpikir pon la sbb pregnant.

3)      Seluar ketat – hah! Seluar keje yg selame nie mmg kene pki belt tu dah sendat2 dah! My Goddd….klu kat office tu smyg nk sujud..sakit nyer! Dgn peha2 pon dah membesar. Lemas sgt!


Makanyer, on the 5th day fasting, setelah period lmbt 5 hari, I decided to buy a Home Urine Pregnancy Test. Pegi Guardian after work, belek2 test kit yg ade..banyakkk choice! Before this pon dh pernah usha. Hehe..mmg da berangan nnt, klu nk beli test kit nie, nk beli DIGITAL punyer! (sebab tgk fasha sandha pki yg digital pnye!) Hehehe…padahal nk letak kat air kenc tu je ponnn…haha


Tgk harge pon, RM26 jek…okay ler kan. Terus grab satu. Pastu pk2, emmm….klu buat skali je test nie, klu result x btol camne? Klu negative xpe. Tp klu die tnjk positive tp sbnrnyer negative? Kan x mustahil klu jadi yg false positive tu! Pernah dgr cite so mcm takut! Hehe.. so, trs grab lg 1 box test kit yg biase pnyer..Guardian pnye 8 inggit jek kot harge nyer ade 2 stick! Hehe..(Sdg kan kat box yg ClearBlue Digital tu dah besar2 tulis : UNMISTAKABLE!) hahaha….punye la obsessed! :p

Balik2 umah je, Abg blom blk lagi..die gi beli foods for berbuka. So kte pon cepat2 la nak buat preg test nie. The best time to do it is in the morning, use ur 1st urine of the day. Bcoz that is the time kte punye HCG level tggi n will get the most accurate result. Tapiii….x sabar dah nie nk tau!! Terus buat on the spot. Of course la gune yg digital tu kan ..hehe


Lepas dah ‘celup’ tu kene tggu Preg test lain seminit je okayyy… so that was the LONGEST 3 MINUTES in my lifeee…punye la berdebar ok. In that 3 minutes, the screen showed jam pasir pusing2 tu…oh myyy!! Mata x berkelip tggu symbol tu bertukar. After almost 3 mins…..jeng jeng!!


Weeee…………………….!!!! Alhamdulillah!! :))) Ya Allah betul ke ape yg aku nmpk nie!! “Pregnant 3+” meaning, 3 weeks after conception, 5 weeks pregnant! Hah… Teruja sgt!! Mcm x percaye pon ade. Blur2 pon ade! Pastu dgr blur2 nyer tu terus amek air sembahyang, solat asar. Td x solat lg blk2 je trs ke toilet kan! After solat tu terus sujud syukur ke hadrat Allah …. Ohhh….:’)


Begitulah saat2 kte dapat tau kte pregnant..of course la time tu mcm ragu2 lg koz buat test pon skali je..blom confirm lg and blom scan lg. so nk excited pon confused2. hehe..

Lepas dah dpt that good news tu, ape lagi? Mesti lah the very 1st thing is to tell ur partner kan! N then, go to clinic and get the confirmation from doctor, and thennn announcement time! Hehe…will tell u on that in the next post! Tungguuu…!