My Husband, My Life


This is my hubby! Beloved hubby, his name is Eddy and he’s 2 years older than I am. We got married on 18th February 2012 in the most wonderful solemnization event! Hehehe… Just a short intro.. If you wanna know about our love story, on how we first met, visit My Kunang-Kunang! Haha…klu nak tau lahhh….x interesting ponn….just an ordinary one, but of course memorable to us!

Now enjoy our  engagement and wedding pics below…Cant wait to start about my pregnancy story! 😛









~ This was our “Once Upon A Time” ~

About Salzy Mommyhood

Am I a Mom? So, is this a blog talking about my motherhood? Well… no, not yet..I am not yet a Mommy. I am actually a Mom-to-Be =) …Congratulations to me! ;D And Thanks to Allah.

Well, u know…kan byk blog2 talking about pregnancy experience, delivery…babies and families…yeah so this is what I’m gonna be doing…(too). Because nowadays ONCE you got that +ve lines on ur pregnancy test kit, or even planning to get one, the very 1st thing you’ll do is…. GOOGLING! ;D Get as many information you’ll ever need about pregnancy and baby. Reading other mommies experience is much exciting as they are all realll….and unique!

Sometimes rase mcm rajin nyerrrdieorg nie menaip nk cite sume…but then, that’s the thing we appreciate the most! Sharing is caring. =)

That is also why….I created this blog. I wanna jot down, every single thing (if possible) about all the journey, experiences, feelings, and incident happened when I go thru this exciting phase of life. I wanna share, and I believe there are ladies out there would also appreciate my writings. Oh yeah?? Oh no?? Haha…If no, then I would say…the foremost reason I created this blog is for my own reference. Yeahh…future reference? Tak percaye?? Br start 1st pregnancy dah planning for the next ones?? Haha…

Let me tell ya. This is actually inspired by my sister! She is a mother to a boboy and (also) currently pregnant for the second one. Wow! Sooo….die la nie yg semangat srh org buat blog psl pregnancy. Die kate 1st pregnancy die dlu tulis kat diary mane2 tah so ble second pregnant nie x ingat2 dah nk buat ape awal2 dlu…die kate 2nd pregnant nie nk post everythg tp x tau la dah buat ke tak?? I’ll check it out n klu dah, I’ll place the link here…alright!


Ini dier header of My Kunang-Kunang…very fancy2! For Salzy Mommyhood, I’m using Lovebirds theme. Ok x?? 😉 you know the whole purpose of Salzy Mommyhood. Not like “My Kunang-Kunang”, its very random and nak update pon just about my boring daily life n balik2 membebel…this one, its gonna be specific and more to info-sharing. And of course, my target readers are mothers and mothers-to-be! Haha perlu la target readers?? Overr…well, the rest are also welcomed. Klu berminat =DD

Thennn…ble nyer nak start about pregnancy niee?? Hehe…Nnt dluu…b4 nk cite psl pregnancy, mesti la nk cite sikittt je bout my marriage! Or more particularly bout my husband laaa…hehehe..nk intro jek kasi dier enterframe. Next post!

About Salzy

Hi! How are you all doing? As promised, in this post Ill be talking a lil’ bit about myself.

My Name : Nur Saleha Binti Malek Reedzwan….wahh full name bagi! But, klu dlm Facebook, Twitter and even among my friends, I am more known as SALZ. Dr skola pon eja Sal –  Salzzz…. Hehehe…So there comes SALZY! Y tu, ngade2 jerr…biar rhymes! Rhymes with?? Mommy!! Hehehe…Salzy-Mommy…=D (Mommy? Will tell you more about this!)

Told ya before that I was a blogger, right. I started blogging since I was in my 1st year of college in 2006…until….last year? 2011…Then why did I stop? No, I didn’t stop. I just abandoned it. Yelahh…blogger pon bukan lah blogger tegarrr…post pon cite psl diri sendiri n so on..lame2, dah mcm xde mase nk blogging consistently. Now, I’m making a comeback (to my own self…hahah).. I’m back to blogging, and it’s a whole brand new blog for your readings..and specific topics! 😉

Tp tu lah..bile dah start a new blog nie kene lah start all over again and kene la intro2 diri sendiri sume kan…hmmm.. So, to cut it short, for you to know more about the person babbling here, you may just go to my previous blog..its all about me and nothing else! Obsessed isn’t it? Hahah…That was me youngster. Skrg tidak lagi…Yeke…?? Hehehhe… I call it “My Kunang-Kunang”

And this is me. Nie lastest picture punyer 27/08/12 baru amek pagi tadi nak gi keje. Hehe..


Assalamualaikum… =)

Hello! This is a welcoming post from me! Yes, I am new. New to WordPress. But blogging, was my favourite pass time! I’ve left this hobby but now I’m making a comeback! Hahaha….

Comeback for whom?? Sape la yg bace blog ku?? Haha…ade kot..silent readers =D

Well, because this is just a starter kick, its gonna be short.. Will be back in the next post talking about my own self, and about this new blog of mine. 

Stay Tuned!