My Husband, My Life

This is my hubby! Beloved hubby, his name is Eddy and he’s 2 years older than I am. We got married on 18th February 2012 in the most wonderful solemnization event! Hehehe… Just a short intro.. If you wanna know about our love story, on how we first met, visit My Kunang-Kunang! Haha…klu nak tau lahhh….x … Continue reading My Husband, My Life

About Salzy Mommyhood

Am I a Mom? So, is this a blog talking about my motherhood? Well… no, not yet..I am not yet a Mommy. I am actually a Mom-to-Be =) ...Congratulations to me! ;D And Thanks to Allah. Well, u know…kan byk blog2 talking about pregnancy experience, delivery…babies and families…yeah so this is what I’m gonna be doing…(too). Because nowadays ONCE you got that +ve lines on ur pregnancy … Continue reading About Salzy Mommyhood