Pregnancy @ Week 17 : 3rd Check Up (Part 1)

Hello everyone! I just came back from my check-up appointment today. It has been all exciting! Hehe.. x sabar nk cite.

13th Oct 2012 – It’s Saturday. The 1st time check-up that I did on Saturday. My God punye lah ramai org dtg appointment hari Sabtu. Queue for registration pon selang berbelas2 org. Slalu nyer 3-4 org je. But not bad lah..registration je. This time, I came in the morning just for registration because my husband also got another appointment. So I just picked my turn, weighed my body and took my urine. Coming at 8:30am, my turn was number 7! Yg turn number 1 tu dtg pkl 6:30am hagak nyer. :p

But that didn’t matter lah. I left for another errand and came again at 11:40am, waited for 5 minutes and they called me in. Better right??? Save waiting time, save waiting energy, save baby’s energy. :p

Masuk2 je x sempat ddk lg doc ckp “Saleha, your blood is all good, no problem, everything is OK.” Alhamdulillah…! It’s the blood test I did on my previous checkup. As usual, checked blood pressure, ok, and then naik katil! 😀

Bismillah…Start scanning…

Doc, “Wahh…cantik tali pusat die.” Haa…that’s the 1st words. Hehe…tali pusat pon cantik. J Makin lame, makin besar baby ku! Last time, the head was on the left of the screen and the legs belah kanan. But this time, kepala belah kanan, kaki belah kiri. Wahh berpusing2 die kat dalam yer! (Mom’s theory :p) So the doctor measured my baby. Measured the legs, the head’s diameter and also the stomach’s diameter. The measurement is to know the baby’s current size is as its current week. Should be more or less, the same.

Even since the 1st checkup, my baby’s measurement is alwaysss more than the current week. Extra by 3 days like that la.. Whoahh… big baby! Mom makan byk sgt ker?? Hehe…x kesah la kan..xkan lah nk btol2 exact plak! Apelah mom nie..detail! :p But it’s kinda worrying if the baby’s size is too big and it can’t go thru my cervix then I gotta be c-zer! Aaa…takut.. Hopefully not. So far the doctor doesn’t highlight anything yet so keep calm.

My baby….taraaaaaaaaa….! 😀

My Baby ~ 16 weeks 3days 🙂

See, this time, the baby’s head is no more oversized than the body. It’s progressing well. Alhamdulillah..

And then the doctor moved the cursor to……the genital! Aaaaaa!! Yes, at week 14 the baby’s sex organ is already developed and we can see it now. Tapiiii….the doctor x ckp pape ponn….

Mother-to-be’s, do you wanna know your baby’s sex within pregnancy or would you wanna keep it surprised? My answer is definitely, NOW! I wanna know it now! Hahaha…overexcited! And nervous at the same time..huh! Ppl surrounding are neverendingly guessing by looking at my bump, my appearance…which everything is superstitious. Honestly I don’t mind the gender. 🙂

Oh, fyi, even since the day 1 I got to know I’m pregnant, I already have that instinct of my baby’s gender! Seriously! Hehehe…But its not just a blind instinct. I have knowledge and feelings that support my instinct. So it’s guessing game againnn….to know the baby’s gender and to asses my motherly instinct whether its working well or not! Hahha…

And then doctor scanned the other parts and we’ve been questioning….and then…I asked, “So you can see already… it’s Boy? Girl?” (Nak tanye pon takut2! :p)

Doc, “Yea, u want me to tell ya?”

Me, “Aaa…yes..”

Doctor moved back the cursor to its private part“It’s a …. _______”






Eddy Junior or Salz Junior? :p

Hahahaha……can you see???? Captured from the bottom part with the legs up. And the cursor!! Hahha….So, Gegurl?? Bebird?? Ahhh..okay dah! Teka sendiri!! Write ur answer in the comment box 😀

Alhamdulillahhh….. We are so happy and pleased to know that. Can start shopping now!! :p

Done with ultrasound session. Remember the previous checkups I didn’t know what to ask? Ha, this time, I have prepared a list of questionsss! This one month gap left me with full of doubt about this and that. Jadi, bertanyalah pada yg pakar.

But I don’t wanna keep this post any longer. To be continued in Part 2. Ecehhhh :p Thanks for reading!

Update : My Lil Baby inside is 16 weeks old!

p/s : 13th October 2009 was the day my husband and I began to be “in a relationship” status. How remarkable it is when these 3 years have turned us from two become three…Alhamdulillah. Happy Anniversary.

All the excitement…Too Cute! =)

The Guessing Game

1st Ramadhan falls on 21st July 2012 while my Menstrual Calendar marked 20th July is the next menses period. Alaaa…. X dpt la sambut Ramadhan camnie.. (“sambut Ramadhan” as in dpt puasa on the 1st day of Ramadhan la). Eeee…arap2 la ‘kuar’ lmbt sket…satu hari pon jadilah.

Tetibe, dah msk bln, x period lg..Alhamduillah, dpt jgk pause on the 1st day of Ramadhan this year. 1st day, puasa. 2nd day puasa lg. 3rd day….eh, puasa lg? 4th day….nie period cycle dah terlebih2 nieee…..em? Adekah? Huhuhu….~ (Teruja campur seram campur nervous dan sebagai nyer!!) Dalam kepale nie penuh question marksss… Klu feeling nie diexpress dgn riak wajah, ianya adelah bibir tahan senyum, hidung kembang kempis kembang kempis. Kuikuikui.. 😀


 Dan lepas tu, mule lah ligat berpikir adekah aku pregnant? Ade ke rase mcm pregnant? Koz the past few months pon period asyik lmbt je 2-3 ari je la but then xde pon rase2 lain mcm ke..muntah ke..(mcm dlm tv tu) and lps tu, period jek mcm biase. Tp nie cycle dah up to 34-35 days which is the longest so far.

And then br la prasan.. lately nie ade rase lain mcm jgk. Ini early symptoms that I faced for this pregnancy, before knowing that I’m pregnant :

1)      Lower Abdominal Cramp – Bhgian perut bwh pusat tu, or more exactly kat bhgian uterus la kan, rase mcm somethinggg jek. Nak kate sakit sgt, x lah sakit sgt…tp mmg uneasy la..especially belah kanan! Nk tdo mlm pon x bleh sbb asyik rase je.. never felt this way before..

2)      Nausea and vomiting – ini obvious bukan? Hehe.. adelah 2-3 kali muntah or mcm nak muntah..mase sahur, skali kat office..Tapi, kte nie jenis mmg sikit2 pon nk muntah! X pregnant pon muntah jgk. Gastric muntah, pening nak muntah, bau busuk sket nk muntah, tgk mende2 gross sket nak muntah, sume nk muntah..hehehe…so, bile muntah2 tu x terpikir pon la sbb pregnant.

3)      Seluar ketat – hah! Seluar keje yg selame nie mmg kene pki belt tu dah sendat2 dah! My Goddd….klu kat office tu smyg nk sujud..sakit nyer! Dgn peha2 pon dah membesar. Lemas sgt!


Makanyer, on the 5th day fasting, setelah period lmbt 5 hari, I decided to buy a Home Urine Pregnancy Test. Pegi Guardian after work, belek2 test kit yg ade..banyakkk choice! Before this pon dh pernah usha. Hehe..mmg da berangan nnt, klu nk beli test kit nie, nk beli DIGITAL punyer! (sebab tgk fasha sandha pki yg digital pnye!) Hehehe…padahal nk letak kat air kenc tu je ponnn…haha


Tgk harge pon, RM26 jek…okay ler kan. Terus grab satu. Pastu pk2, emmm….klu buat skali je test nie, klu result x btol camne? Klu negative xpe. Tp klu die tnjk positive tp sbnrnyer negative? Kan x mustahil klu jadi yg false positive tu! Pernah dgr cite so mcm takut! Hehe.. so, trs grab lg 1 box test kit yg biase pnyer..Guardian pnye 8 inggit jek kot harge nyer ade 2 stick! Hehe..(Sdg kan kat box yg ClearBlue Digital tu dah besar2 tulis : UNMISTAKABLE!) hahaha….punye la obsessed! :p

Balik2 umah je, Abg blom blk lagi..die gi beli foods for berbuka. So kte pon cepat2 la nak buat preg test nie. The best time to do it is in the morning, use ur 1st urine of the day. Bcoz that is the time kte punye HCG level tggi n will get the most accurate result. Tapiii….x sabar dah nie nk tau!! Terus buat on the spot. Of course la gune yg digital tu kan ..hehe


Lepas dah ‘celup’ tu kene tggu Preg test lain seminit je okayyy… so that was the LONGEST 3 MINUTES in my lifeee…punye la berdebar ok. In that 3 minutes, the screen showed jam pasir pusing2 tu…oh myyy!! Mata x berkelip tggu symbol tu bertukar. After almost 3 mins…..jeng jeng!!


Weeee…………………….!!!! Alhamdulillah!! :))) Ya Allah betul ke ape yg aku nmpk nie!! “Pregnant 3+” meaning, 3 weeks after conception, 5 weeks pregnant! Hah… Teruja sgt!! Mcm x percaye pon ade. Blur2 pon ade! Pastu dgr blur2 nyer tu terus amek air sembahyang, solat asar. Td x solat lg blk2 je trs ke toilet kan! After solat tu terus sujud syukur ke hadrat Allah …. Ohhh….:’)


Begitulah saat2 kte dapat tau kte pregnant..of course la time tu mcm ragu2 lg koz buat test pon skali je..blom confirm lg and blom scan lg. so nk excited pon confused2. hehe..

Lepas dah dpt that good news tu, ape lagi? Mesti lah the very 1st thing is to tell ur partner kan! N then, go to clinic and get the confirmation from doctor, and thennn announcement time! Hehe…will tell u on that in the next post! Tungguuu…!