Take Your Belly Photo

Pregnancy is a nine-month journey. It takes you about three-quarter of a year to focus on the upcoming new life of yours. 9 months seem long but it’s plenty that you have to do. That is why people always come out with a pregnancy checklist. Basically you know…all the baby’s stuffs like the clothes and diapers, the feeding equipments for both breastfeeding and non-bf, travelling gears, even the baby’s nursery deco and there the list goes on. Sometimes it’s so funny thinking of such a birth of a little baby but requires a huge range of items. Mengalahkan org besar! Hehehe…

But that what brings the excitement doesn’t it mommies? Yeaa…well, it’s reasonable for parents-to-be to be worried on the “pocket outflows” on the way of welcoming the new member to the family. Because the fees and expenses are all nowadays become somewhat incredible. We can prioritize between necessities and non-necessities or not-so-necessities. But at the end of the day, the combination of woman-nature and new-mommy syndromes will make everything seems necessary! Hahaha….we want everything for our baby just like we want everything for ourselves. Women are born obsessed. Or typical women are born obsessed. And I am typical. What about you? Haha..

Still, constraint is constraint. So there goes your checklist to help you. Construct one and stick to it. There’s plenty on the net! You can just download and amend them to fit yours. I’ve done mine! Hope it helps. I even have created my own excel-based “Pregnancy Planner” by week by month by trimester, to track where and what phase I am now…mark future appointments and plans, and record past events all related to my maternity.  Should I share it with you all here? Hehe…laters!

So one of the tasks that must exist in your pregnancy checklist is… “Take your belly photo!” Priority? No. 1. Hehehe…yesss….pregnancy is more of a physical journey that will turn you to look like never before. It’s the tummy! Not only the tummy sometimes your other body parts are as well affected. Even the face will look chubby now. Well, some of you might not like it. Some M2Bs are worried they can’t go back into shape after giving birth. That’s one thing to concern on. But, could you discount that first and treasure the moment you are experiencing now? It’s so wonderful to know that there’s a resident inside you! Let’s call them our “tiny resident”. Hehe.. I got that cute term from the web. 😉

My point is, go dress up and snap yourself a picture! Put it in your checklist every month..yeah? My first belly photo was at my 17th week.. almost 4 months it started to be quite obvious. Will continue this from time to time. Sadly I see I don’t glow during pregnant. My face is so pale. Worse than when I was not pregnant. Some preggy ladies are just hot n bak kate org berseriiii gitu but that’s not what happen to me. Hmmmphh…Hahhaha..Whatever…just for kenang-kenangan. It’s the tummy awareness, pls! 😛 Years from now, show those pics to your kids and tell them “you were inside there kicking mom you know!” hehe…berangan sudah~

Thought I wanna upload it in this post but my babbling is sooo lengthy already! Check out next! 😉

Stretch Marks

Being pregnant is always associated with food cravings and weight-gaining. With the growing baby inside your tummy, your belly as well will certainly extend to a size you have never been before. Big! Don’t worry, you’ll love it. Looking forward and counting days to meeting your baby, you’ll definitely be happy seeing the bump everyday. Admit it, this is what you do – standing in front of the mirror (sometimes with clothes-off) looking at your tummy from different sides, for minutesss. True? No? Hahha….but that’s what I’m doing! Am I normal?? I think I am. If you don’t, you are the one’s abnormal. Haha…kidding *_”

That’s the exciting part. But… (yeahh…there’s always ‘but’) the baby belly comes in package, called…the stretch marks! M2Bs, are you aware of this? Do you know that childbirth will leave that ‘souvenirs’ on your lovely skin?

To be honest, this is one huge fear I have when I think of pregnancy. The fear if compared with the fear of giving birth, is just as much! Hehehe…what a bluff! Of course la pikir nak keluarkan budak tu lg takut! Hehe.. but that is still a mile away. Now, my tummy is bumpy and this is all my concern goes to coz I’m a stretch marks freak-out! For writing this post, I actually googled some stretch marks pictures to put here as ‘gambar hiasan’. But heyyyy…. Scary giler! Trs x jadi. Klu nak tgk, sile lah search and view sendiri.

So, klu dah takut dgn stretch marks tu, ape lagi! Cepat2 lah beli tummy cream. Btol tak? The only stretch marks cream that I knew available were Bio Oil, and Palmers. These two are famous to me because I always saw them in Guardians and Watsons.

But then, when I read Dr. Halina’s blog (The Astronaut’s wifey – yeah, she blogs and shares a lot about her interesting mommyhood) – its http://www.barelysupermommy.com , she did write a post on Stretch Marks and to my surprise, she recommended a stretch mark oil that she used during her first pregnancy! And amazingly, her whale-tummy left nothing on her skin afterwards! Can you imagine how crazy I was to know that? Definitely I will buy that particular oil for my own!

And….this is it. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil.


Pic taken from barelysupermommy.com

Owh, I didn’t know this brand. It’s so unfamiliar. Even some comments were asking where did she buy it. Some said its not available at the regular pharmacy. So I searched online, and found it sold at the Fabulous Mom online shop. They also have a few branches so the one near to my house is Puchong branch. I was really about to go grab that oil straight at the shop. Xnak beli online. But then, weeks by weeks tak terpergi2 pon Puchong tu. Furthermore, there’s a Guardian pharmacy I pass by everyday for work. So one day I dropped by, took a look at the Stretch Marks Oil available and simply grabbed this :

Hope this helps!

Yeah, this is my choice. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. Comes together with a small pack Massage Cream – I keep this in my handbag. Well, maybe there’s only one particular reason I choose this against Bio Oil. Bio Oil, because it’s OIL. I don’t like oily. I’d also prefer lotion rather than cream. Softer on skin. That is also why I didn’t wait for that Earth Mama Oil. It’s ok. Nobody convinced me about this Palmers but with all my heart, I’m gonna be applying it habitually. Jgn malas! Oh ya, the price is RM38.90 for 100 ml. Could last until delivery yeah?

My own tummy starts showing at my 11th week (2 months plus). I can’t fit my regular pants comfortably. And most of my baju kurungs were made in shape so I can’t breatheee….But my office-wear blouses are still fine and nobody in office notice I am pregnant yet. And I start putting on this lotion at week 13. Hope this helps.

I heard some ppl said that your gene contributes much to the reason of having that stretch marks. Look at your mom’s tummy, does she have it? That mirrors yours! My mama? Haa….jgn cakap la..bkn mama je..my elder sister pon same. Tu yg gelebah ayam nie ble pikirkan perut sendiri. But somehow, that fact is not so reliable. I got friends telling me differently about them. So, masih ade harapan bukan?? Well, I’ll update the result later.

Before I leave this post, just wanna share a thought I got from my sister. For those new mothers who freaked-out about their pregnancy stretch marks. Her doctor said to her lah during her 1st pregnancy. Stretch marks is something you won’t like. It can be reduced by time, but not easy to disappear at all. But, to take it positively, think again of the reason of its existence. Why? It is because you were PREGNANT! That is the mark that will always reminisce the journey you’ve gone thru to becoming a MOTHER. Isn’t that grand? Yeah, so…be happy! Look at your stretch marks and smile. And look at your baby…how sweet!

So now, I’m trying my best for myself. But later, if I see that appears, I will definitely redha and stay positive. Whoahh…being a woman is really adventurous!


Update : My Lil One inside is 14 weeks old!