Four Months After Resignation

I wanted to write a blogpost talking about my "1 Month After Resignation", but it was too late. Then I wanted to write the "2 Months After Resignation" post but I didn't even realize I have gone past two months. Suddenly it’s already been a quarter of one year! Then I started drafting the post … Continue reading Four Months After Resignation

A Little Daydream

A or B? Choose one you’d love to have as your port at home. Me? I would go for B!! I love it so much I don’t even know what it’s called. Rattan gazebo, I guess? Normally we see that typical A swing right? B is quite rare to me and I love it more … Continue reading A Little Daydream

Snap a Picture & Talk about It

Happened to be, it’s TV. So what’s up with TV I am going to talk about? I guess let me reveal to you about my behaviour when watching TV. Just so you know when it comes to watching drama on TV, I’m a very expressive person. If the story is funny, I’d laugh my lungs … Continue reading Snap a Picture & Talk about It

Moving House

I never, ever thought this was gonna be one of our agendas this year. After 5 peaceful years of living in our first rental house since we got married, without any calls from the landlord, no rental fees increment, no nothing no problem; suddenly we gotta move out. One fine evening a message came in … Continue reading Moving House