The Only Thing That’s Constant

Let me give you this image, right.

So if you’re young and you are sitting and you’re praying on your prayer mat.
And as you’re young and you’re full of energy and you think that, what is important in life is out there.

You want to go out and you want to do this, and you want to do this, and you want to do that.
And you go out and you try, and you succeed and you fail.
And things happen and things get lost.

And as you age and age and age.
What you go back and back to?

You come back to that sejadah. That prayer mat.

And you realize that.
The things that you wanted to do over there, these were a lot of distractions.
A lot of these things did not happen.
A lot of them did not work.
And a lot of them were not right.

But the only thing that matters is that.
You came back to that sejadah right there that you had in your bedroom.

And that prayer, that initial position.
That you thought was unimportant.
It is that position.
That location.
Was the most important thing that you had.

Because everybody else leaves.
‘I wanted to impress those people.’
And those people whom you impressed
After some time, they’re not impressed anymore.
‘And I want those people to like me.’
And those people who you think liked you.
After some time forget about you.

You move around and you move around throughout life.
And the only thing that is constant is….
Your prayer mat. That is there in your bedroom.

So, at the end of the day, right… It’s you, and Allah Azza wa Jalla.
That encounter. Everything else doesn’t matter.


By Sheikh Dr. Ali Albarghouthi
From The Barakah Effect Podcast, Mar 2022 (Ep#042)
May Allah bless.

As ever,


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