As I Begin Again

It’s 1st of Muharram today, Salam Maal Hijrah 1444H.
As we begin again, let’s turn all our hopes for the New Year to this beautiful du’a.

Oh Allah
As the new year for the Islamic calendar begins,
I pray for health.
Health that sometimes I take for granted.
I thank YOU for the nights I am able to sleep well.
I thank YOU for the times my legs can run and feel the heat of the sun.
I thank YOU for the times my kids are healthy and are able to leave for school.
I thank YOU for the times my tongue can taste the delicious meal.
This year, I pray for health for me and those around me.

Oh Allah,
As I begin again,
I pray for strength.
Strength so I can continue facing this life.
I thank YOU for another day, another month, another year to live and breathe on this earth, but please give me the strength I desperately need.
My smile can be bright, my face can laugh with joy, but only YOU know, only YOU know how things can get really hard sometimes.
Shower me with strength – as much as the strength YOU have showered upon the Prophets, peace be upon them.

Oh Allah, as this new year welcomes me,
I pray for closeness to YOU.
Closeness to my religion
Closeness to my Quran.
Closeness to my faith.
I have not made YOU my priority and I’m ashamed of that.
Forgive me, Oh Allah.
Forgive me if haven’t been connected to YOU.
YOU have given me so much, beyond my imagination, but still, I fail to thank YOU.
So as this new year envelopes, allow me to be close to YOU. Bring me home before I stray too far.

Oh Allah, with this new year, forgive my past sins.
The ones I’ve repented for, and the ones I’m still doing. I know they’re wrong. I know I have to stop. I know what’s right and what’s wrong in YOUR eyes. But sometimes, the evil voices and the evil whispers in me fail to do the right thing.
Forgive me oh Allah.
Forgive my wrong decisions.
Allow me to have YOU as my compass.
I want to be guided.
I want to be supported.
I want to be held so I can do what’s right.

Oh Allah, as this new Islamic year begins, accept me, for the greatness and goodness I’ve done.
Pardon me,
for the flaws and the errors I’ve done.
Guide me,
as I still struggle to see what’s right from wrong.
Help me,
as there are more weak days than strong days.
And please grant the Du’a and prayers of those around me. I don’t have much to share with others, but if I can pray for YOU to accept their du’as, please grant them with what’s best for them. And replace their sadness with joy.

Allahumma Ameen….

– By Ustazah Liyana Musfirah through Instagram. May Allah s.w.t bless her always… –

As ever,

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