Tsutaya Books, Malaysia

It is always an overexcitement when knowing that a new bookstore is opening soon! Be it a hugeee one or just a local independent bookshop around the neighbourhood, my heart would impulsively be screaming; “I’m cominggggg!!”

This time it’s a world-renowned Japanese bookstore chain launched last week, its first store in Malaysia located in the newly-opened Pavilion Bukit Jalil. Yesterday, I made my way to experience the ambience after days of stalking others’ Instagram posts who had been there earlier. So yeah, maybe this post is about me reviewing bookstores feeling like an influencer! Hehe.. Here’s my say about it…


I was completely deceived by those pictures I scrolled prior to my visit to the store. See the picture below and notice something? It’s mirror-ceiling, guys! Haha… I don’t know why but I totally thought it was full height like that and so I wowwww-ed instantly without a question, lol. Not being observant enough, though. Fact is, it’s only one level but yes, it’s big.

Photo by Instagram @bukitjalil.tsutaya

The deco concept is I think… dark minimalist? The shelves are all black, even the café, table and chairs, benches and signages are all black. Or grey, or brown… Thus the atmosphere is dimmed in overall, except for the kids section – it’s bright and spacious! It’s different from other bookstores in Malaysia but I liked it anyway. It builds its own identity and just so you know, I never not liked bookstores so yeah, it’s a love at a first sight I must say.


Okay, this is the focal point now but this is just based on my casual surf during my visit there focusing on my favourite genres and focused reading. To me, the selection of books offered is not that satisfying. Sorry.  It has a wide range of genres but for each genre, there were not many varieties. I guess as it’s still new, there might be many more coming in soon so yeah hopefully we will see more fascinating titles and covers before long, InsyaAllah. But if you’re an English novel or literature lover, I saw loads of collections at the fiction areas. You might wanna check it out.


It’s not Starbucks or Coffee Bean or the like, it is its own Tsutaya Café that I did not have a try, maybe next time. But I like it that there are quite a number of tables allotted so people can take breaks before continue browsing more books without having to leave the area. It’s literally within the bookstore without a separation so yeah I like it so much. It’s best that we can come with non-bibliophile buddies or partners so they can chill while we do our darn thing. Pretty cool!


What I most liked about the eclectic bookstore is that there are many benches and corners for people to sit, so we don’t have to be squatting on the floor pre-reading our desired books while deciding which ones to buy and which ones gotta be the victim of opportunity cost. And of course, there are nice Instagram-able spots if that’s your priority. “We’re more than just a bookstore. Tsutaya Books is a lifestyle and way of being.” Ahaa… Words by the CEO. Oh ya I have to credit the staff also, they are verrrry friendly and accommodating. Awesome much!


Needless to say, I can’t help to compare it with our beloved evergreen Kinokuniya, KLCC, right… Due to both’s sameness of origins, the signatures and grandiosity, I’d say Tsutaya can’t beat Kino as for now. Kinokuniya is still more special in some way or another if I had to choose. Tsutaya only wins over the benches facility that I truly appreciate.


Because the books selections were below my expectation, I thought I’d leave without a single purchase but suddenly as I browsed around the non-fiction section, I found a book that was in my wish list for so long that I already forgot about. Didn’t expect I’d get it here. Another book was the type that I aimed to find for so yeay, new additions to the shelves!

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday is philosophical, and How to Heal a Broken Heart by Rosie Green, a specific self-help I’m currently in need of. I already have an xx number of books to be read by the end of the year but my pleasure’s gonna make these two jump the queue over others. Hiks.


It’s worth the hype. I’m definitely so happy welcoming this new fancy addition to the country’s bookish world and surely will come again another time! Visiting Tsutaya looks like a trendy thing to do now but as for me, “Bookstores are my natural habitat =)”

As ever,

2 thoughts on “Tsutaya Books, Malaysia

  1. Hello! So glad to find another book lover here! Haha I got tricked by the mirror reflections too lol I totally agree with you when comparing tsutaya to kino! Looks like you got yourself some great books 🙂👍🏽

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