It’s a Gift

And it’s July…. Welcome back to writing, self!

Do not stop, just keep going.
Slow down, yet continue.

You have a thing to say, spell it.
You have a lot to convey, articulate them.
You’re dwelling with feelings, express.
You wanna vent out, you’re allowed.

This is your space, it belongs to you.
It’s all your stories, it’s your life.
There’s no mistakes, only lessons.

A home for thinking and reflecting.
A school for learning and sharing.
A ground for hoping and praying.
A place to keep coming back….. for gratitude, and more…

Keep writing, dear self. It is your gift.

As ever,

2 thoughts on “It’s a Gift

  1. Well hello fellow Malaysian! What a great poem to express yourself, and yes, our blogs are our safe space, and the process is indeed a gift. This is a great reminder that we shouldn’t only look for results when it comes to writing. Keep writing indeed!

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