A Lesson of One Dinar

Since you’re born until the day you’ll die, your rizq (provision) is confirmed! Assured. Guaranteed. 

“What’s meant for you will never miss you, and that which misses you was never meant for you.”

Today I wanna share with you a story showing how accurate, how precise these words are. A very interesting story, narrated in one of the lectures of Sheikh Ali Hammuda in the Change of Heart series on YouTube. I was totally mesmerized when I listened to it, and it left me reflecting so deeply particularly on this one issue – RIZQ; our provision in life. 

It’s a story of Saidina Ali R.A.

One day he came across a mosque, and he stopped off for a prayer. Before he went in, he asked a young boy to help him take care of his camel and on the camel, there was his saddle. The boy said sure, and so he went into the mosque.

Then, after the prayer Saidina Ali R.A. came out of the mosque and went to his camel but you know what happened? The young boy wasn’t there anymore, and the saddle had disappeared! The boy that he entrusted to guard the camel had run away with the saddle! Subhanallah. 

Saidina Ali. R.A put his hand in his pocket and took out a gold of One Dinar. He actually wanted to give the coin to the young boy as a token for taking care of his ride but now not just that he’s gone, he also had stolen a thing away. 

Well, what can he do…? He still got to get home, so he needed a saddle. He then gave that One Dinar gold coin to another kid and asked him to go to the marketplace and buy him a new saddle. 

The kid went on as requested and returned from the marketplace with a ‘new’ saddle and gave it to Saidina Ali R.A. 

And guess what he said!! 

“Subhanallah, this is my saddle!” 

He was so shocked because that was his own saddle that was stolen earlier!

The kid said, “Yeah, there was a boy selling it at the marketplace for ONE DINAR.”

Oh My God. Seriously…?!! MasyaAllah…. What a climax is this? What an amazing story haha you seeee…

That thief boy stole the saddle to sell it to get One Dinar that ended up getting it from the same person he stole the saddle from! What a coincidence…? 

Well, there’s no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to the plans of Allah s.w.t.

But, I was speechless on how this simple story made me realize the manifestation of the quote I shared earlier on and other reflections shared by Sheikh Ali. 


One dinar meant for you, one dinar will be yours anyway. Even when you’re distancing away, it will eventually find its way to be with you because that’s where it actually belongs – you! Just how that One Dinar went all the way to finally reach the same boy in the end. 

Hence, come to think. What is it that makes us feel so desperate of expecting an income? This assurance is not on a value basis, it also applies to even if it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars for God’s sake. 

If only we could really internalize this fact, ask ourselves what is it that we’re worrying so much about when it comes to our provision?


Sheikh Ali also mentioned that there are two things in life that are going to be chasing you, and are going to catch up with you whether you like it or not. No matter how ignorant you are about it or how hard you’re striving for it, you can never outrun two things – death and provision. 

Climb to the highest mountain on earth or dive to the deepest ocean, the angel of death will be there for you right when the time comes. Now, take a moment to adopt the exact same fact towards rizq. I’ve heard it once that if there’s a piece of biscuit written for you as your rizq, no matter how terminal you are, you’ll never die until you eat that particular. one. single. biscuit. This is mind-blowing, guys!


If we look closely, there’s an implicit message of the story and it’s hidden behind the route. I mean, the route that the one-dinar money went through to get to the boy. 

It was supposed to be directly from the hands of Saidina Ali R.A. to the boy, at the mosque. However, it went all the way through the sale of the stolen saddle at the market, instead. 

What’s the difference between those two? It’s Halal vs. Haram.

How does it make the difference? The choice. 

The choice that the boy made to allow him to receive the exact same gold coin was the thing that made the difference. He was in need of money. He could just stay and be trustworthy but instead, he chose to run and betray. He could gain it the halal way, but he chose to earn it the haram way. This little foolish action totally affects the barakah in the provision in his hand and it’s totally not worth it.  


Every day of our lives, we are always concerned about our rizq. It is like a priority in our minds when in fact, it’s actually none of our business. It’s kind of a waste of time thinking of something that’s already been destined. Our focus should actually be on the means we’re going to take to get to that rizq. 

If I can put it this way.. Imagine walking on a road where provisions have been placed along the way. Some are on the left side of the road, some are on the right side and some are obviously on the middle of the road. Each provision is already named to whom it belongs to. And just so you know, there are blockages in front of each provision. 

Now you see, the nature of earning provisions is designed in a way that we, as a human living this life, are meant to be removing blockages after blockages in order to get to our provisions. By working, by doing businesses, planting, hunting whatsoever. We might hustle and struggle but we don’t make the provision, it’s already there. It could even be that, someone else removes the blockages for us and brings the provision to us without us having to ask for it. Unexpected rizq, does it sound familiar? It’s already predestined, and doesn’t even increase nor decrease in amount. What makes the difference is the barakah that Allah s.w.t pours in every single form depending on how we work on it. Our focus should be on how to get there, how to earn it, in any possible way that pleases Allah s.w.t. Halal or haram, good or bad, kind or harsh and most importantly, with Tawakkaltu’alallah.

One Dinar, and a lesson to live by…

As ever,

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