Age is Just a Number

This month has started, my foundation studies with Yayasan Ta’lim and today was my first online class for Fiqh subject.

The introductory class was brief. We were introduced to the lecturer and his background, the kitab we will be using and also the mazhab that we’ll be learning which is Mazhab Syafi’e. And we began by going through the biodata of Imam As-Syafi’e (rahimahullah). 

You know what? This first class has got me jumping out of my skin knowing some facts I never came across before. That is;

Imam As-Syafie died at the age of 54, while

Imam An-Nawawi died at the age of 46.

Whattt…….?? I was totally stunned with rounding eyes! 

These highly respectable scholars (rahimahullah) passed away at that very young age?! MasyaAllah.

54 & 46. 

I ponder… Many people in their 50’s nowadays are still not retired from income work. While people in their 40’s are still busy running families of growing kids and even babies while rat-racing the ever increasing high cost of living in the country. Me included. But these scholars? They had gone the extra mile over the tender age of living and passed on mercifully with a hereditary legacy to be presented on the day of judgement. Wow, just wow…

Honestly (and embarrassingly), I never knew these facts before. In my poor logical thinking I thought, these devoted ‘alim ulama’ must have lived so very long, up until a hundred years, for their teachings to be spreaded all over the world and made them praiseworthily famous until these days, right? Some yes but here provenly, age is just a number.

Then what about us? What are we working on to prepare a living in the next life? What legacy we’re gonna leave behind once we’re gone? And those ages, they’re just 10 years away from now as for me and that’s just a short stretch of time. Question – What is the content of our lives that we have created to define us as we lived a certain age as destined? Things like these left me numb all day reflecting about life….

It is obvious that I am so poor in knowledge. Especially of religion, it’s so much I never cared to discover. That is why I decided to join this programme to get myself back to basics, to re-begin learning about my religion more seriously in a structured way. May Allah open the door of lights to penetrate my hearts and bring me and all students to the straight path. Ameen.

Looking forward to attending the next classes. Looking forward to reflecting more compelling truths. Looking forward to gaining as much knowledge. InsyaAllah. 

As ever, 

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