Book Review : Light for the Lost Soul by Mizz Nina

When the book was published earlier this year, I didn’t think I’d buy it. It looks interesting, yes but maybe because I was not a fan of Mizz Nina before when she was an artist and I also don’t follow her much online. Usually when I fancy a celebrity I would collect their merchandise like a mug, a calendar whatsoever haha that’s how fanatic I can be. Lol! 

Anyhow I like her anyway, she’s an amazing hijrah figure, masyaAllah, so back to the book, suddenly a friend gifted me with the book on my birthday this year!! Aww..a gift of books is always sweet to me, any books will make me happy so this one is so nice the cover and it’s hardcover.   

Now let’s review! 


Okay, motivational and self-help have always been my favourite genres, also the Islamic ones. Maybe because I’ve read quite a lot from such a category, to me the content is ample but kind of typical. The topics presented, the points mentioned, the selection of quranic verses and hadith are the popular ones so almost everything is familiar to me. 

Especially the parts where she shared about the things she learned from her teachers, one of them was Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed. I am very familiar with her, I’ve read her books, watched her videos and even once I went to her seminar in KL so yah.. The keynotes are about the same. 

But of course overall it’s a good read as a revision to recall the knowledge and refresh my spiritual senses. Alhamdulillah. 


What I really like about the writing of this book is that she’s very humble and sincere in everything she wants to say. I really can feel that the piece was truly written by a pure heart sharing her hardship and conflict in a natural way. 

I like that she did mention about her past prior to hijrah, especially about her life in the entertainment industry but she put it in a way that she’s not proud about it and kept praising Allah for guiding her to where she is now. And it gets more fervent towards the end. Without realizing my tears flowed reading some parts feeling how lost she was before, thinking of how miserable life would be without Allah in our hearts. Such a genuine writing. 

Some people when talking about hijrah they just love to throwback their jahiliah times sharing about how they were and what they did in a way to boast their better-self now. Especially when the past was glamorous and high-standard. That’s not the way to inspire, I suppose. 


Many times throughout the book she shared that her journey began after the passing of her brother. After her late brother passed away, she slowly started to be on the straight path. Like he was the reason for everything to unfold. Many times mentioned. 


She did not tell the story about the death that was so impactful to her until she totally transformed 360 degree, MasyaAllah. Like, why? I know, death of a loved ones is always impactful and life-changing. But this is a hugeee hijrah we’re talking about. 

I mean, why? What’s the cause of death? Was it sudden? How? What happened? How was the last moment she had with her late brother? Did she find out anything about him after that? What did she realize? I’m sooooo curious you know and I’m left hanging! Haha.. Me and my curiosity! Lol. I feel like it’s nice if she considered sharing a little memoir. Just my two cents! 

Ok, done with my review so overall I’m rating it a 4-star. Good one and recommended! 


Now, on to the major takeaway I gained from the book. The pinnacle of everything laid out, an epiphany! 

As I said, as the book is kind of my cuppa tea, I read it quite leisurely from the beginning. Kinda fast read, flip flip flip. 

Until I arrived at a subtopic with the title “Light Enters Where the Heart Breaks” – BAMMM. That was the climax of my read! The moment I captured the sentence even before I read the content, my mind instantly went picturing my heart, my fragile heart that’s always broken, reformed, and broken again. 

My heart, that I always protect for it to not destroy, my heart that I forge to make it strong, my heart that I care so much about so it will not break. I don’t want anything to break my heart. 

But now that it tells me, light enters when the heart breaks? Light, as in guidance, penetrates the heart through the cracks when it’s troubled? Oh My God, I was totally knocked-out. It makes sense, Subhanallah. 

Being broken-hearted is the opportunity for us to receive a gift from Allah, a gift of guidance. What is it that is more meaningful than this? The next time my heart breaks, I will tell myself to not be overly sad by that and be reminded of the light that’s gonna illuminate my heart, insyaAllah.

And so that was the precious lesson I gained from the book that I will carry into next year in my bag of wisdom. I read a total of 30 books this year and it’s perfect to end it with this one, Alhamdulillah. True that, no matter how many books are displayed on the shelf, we will always pick the right one at the right time, no matter how long it has been there. 

And the best thing about it is that I did not spend a single cent for this book. It’s a birthday gift!! Thank you so much my friend, Asiah, for this. May Allah bless you with multiple fold of goodness in this life and the hereafter for all your kindness to us. Love you!! 

And of course, credits and compliments to the author, Mizz Nina, for the beautiful sharing of her hijrah stories and reflections. I pray that she will stay on the straight path and be blessed all the way till Jannah. May Allah also grant me and all of us the distinctive guidance that will make us a true servant one day. InsyaAllah.

As ever,

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