Happy Friday

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Okay, today is simply a normal day to me and this post is spontaneous as I caught sight of the picture above on my Instagram feeda moment ago, it made me think a while of things to be grateful for, on this blessed Friday. Let’s go through those 5 prompts and think about yours too.


I have finally come to an end of a decision making process of something that I’ve been contemplating for months! 

Decided insyaAllah, I’ll be enrolling myself as a student again next year!! 

I was so in a dilemma thinking of my ability for this new commitment on top of my already full plate and for a few times I dropped it from my mind after doing istikharah, but again and again reminders popping up here and there that it seems like telling me to just go for it.

Today I’m feeling a sense of conviction to proceed with what my heart tells despite not knowing how to manage things later. May Allah ease and show me the way. Please pray for me! 

I’m suddenly feeling so overwhelmed for the New Year 2022!! This is my excitement for today, Alhamdulillah. 


I have 3 things to be grateful for today. 

First, today is Friday and I managed to finish reciting Al-Kahfi in one shot early in the morning after sending my kids to school. 

Al-Kahfi is a long surah that no matter how high I try to prioritize it weekly, Fridays are also always different. 

Sometimes I could finish it  as early as on the Thursday night itself, sometimes I have to split it into 3-4 parts reciting it little by little throughout the day, sometimes I got it done at the very last minute of ‘Asr, sometimes I managed to just recite only half and sometimes I missed it all and failed myself. 

It’s an inner battle to stay istiqamah in this prescribed practice so I feel so grateful when things get easy on me to accomplish it hence may Allah bless my recitation and save me and all of us from the fitnah al-dajjal in the end of time, Ameen. 

Secondly, both of my twin girls slept in the car when picking up the boys from school this afternoon. Driving with toddlers on board is so challenging you know how uncooperative they are to stay still. I have to think of different tricks everyday to survive the road with them. Some day a gadget will help, some day I give them a lollipop, someday I tell stories with dramatic intonations, or someday I just pretend to be deaf of their whinings. 

But today, they just magically dozed off the moment we moved, all the way through and back home! MasyaAllah can they be like this every time? Truly Alhamdulillah for today. 

Third thing is that, I was trapped in a traffic jam due to congestion around the mosque for Friday prayer so I arrived very late at school. I was just enjoying the ride as it’s been a while that I haven’t been stucked in traffic but scared that the kids would be angry but no, they’re just happy playing with their friends while waiting for mom to arrive. They even asked me to pick up late again next time, hah! Win win situation. Thank God! 


Wasn’t just a smile. I laughed so hard watching a parody video on Facebook!! “Bath Time – Baby No 1 to Baby No 4.” You know with baby no. 1, we become very cautious of every step then it’s declining towards the next babies onwards. Lol so real.

With baby no. 4, the mom bathed the baby in the kitchen sink using the liquid dishwasher!! Hahahahha that was so hilarious because I could relateeee. For real I did that once to my twins. How horrible is that?? The face expression was the funniest. Motherhood is funny!! 

Okay, disclaimer for unwanted judgement – it’s not an everyday thing! It was just once and I consider that as Mom hacks on certain over-demanding days. Don’t worry they’re all good. Hehe

But one thing you know, I have this habit for some time already. When I’m stressed, I will check out Twitter and find any funny tweets to laugh my heart out! It transformed the bad mood instantly and made me feel much better. 

But for another moment I’d feel a sense of guilt for doing “lagha” stuff because when in stress, aren’t we supposed to calm down and dzikr instead? Heee Astaghfirullah. But really it helps so okay let’s do both. Laughter is the best medicine while dzikrullah is even better than best! 


Cooked my favourite dish, Sotong Goreng Kunyit. It’s the family’s comfort food and it’s sedap for today. Not every of my cooks turns out well every time so Alhamdulillah for the rezeki put on the table. 

Also, I finished another book today and it’s now listed among my favourite books already – Lessons from Surah Al-Kahf by Dr. Yasir Qadhi, the book that I allocated a few chapters-to-read a week. It’s so good that the messages were delivered in simple words, straightforward English explaining the magnificent stories while conveying the wisdoms behind it, MasyaAllah I’m mesmerized. 

I’m gonna re-read the book so that my Friday recitation will be more meaningful. My aim is that, even if I don’t understand most of the Quranic words, when I recite the particular verses I’ll still know which story it’s talking about. InsyaAllah. 


The best thing about this week is of course that the kids are back to school! The school was already reopened and they’re going for only 3 alternate weeks before the school holiday again. 

They missed the first week because we were in quarantine for being close contacts to a Covid positive so this week they’re finally a pupil again and they’re enjoying it! It’s even easy to wake them up in the morning for school, and they also go to bed early now. Better days are finally here…


There’s a lot more things to be grateful for. Even an average day like this can turn out to be a Happy Friday. If really we pay attention every day.

Allah says in Surah Saba, verse 13 – “(Only) a few of My servants are (truly) grateful.”

And indeed, of all the things He granted us every single day, only a few that we’re truly thankful for. There’s always a lot more. May we not forget.

As ever,

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