Instant Problem Solver

To-Buy : Errysh’s formula milk. Noted. 

My 1-year old’s formula milk was running low. It’s time to stock it up. “Okay l’ll get it tomorrow after work.” – Planning in mind. 

Tomorrow after work – “Ah, so lazy to drop by the shop just for the milk. It’s okay, there’s still some in the container that should be enough for tonight.” 

The next tomorrow – “Oh so tired today. It’s okay, I got some spare in his nursery bag so I can use it for tonight. That’s what backup is for, right?”

The next, next, tomorrow – “Gosh! I really forgot to buy the milkkkk and there is none at all now!!” 

Procrastination at my best and that was already too late for me to run to the grocery! Panic attacked me immediately thinking of my starving toddler having no milk for the night. All sorts of padan-muka guilt, what-a-bad-mother-I-am, pity-my-baby thoughts instantly bashing my mind from all angles regretting myself. Wuuuu

Calmed downnn… and ting!! “Ok I gotta feed him dinner till he bloated and distract him to sleep without asking for milk.”

And yeah… Zzzzz he slept!! ‘I’m safe.’ I thought while kissing my baby sorry. And I slept peacefully too…. 

NOT until 2am.

He began to crank up in the middle of the night. This boy, my third son, never had me awoken at nights ever since the confinement days. He’s always been a steady night sleeper so that was not a good sign.. He’s hinting for milk! He wanted his milk! 

Panic. Panic. Wake up le husband now! 

And my husband, in his slumber and half asleep, told me to just go make some Milo and give it to the baby through his bottle. 

What a good idea!! OMG I did it right away anddd….. problem solved!! Hahaha.. My baby loved the alternative (of course!! Milo kottt) he drank it all in a minute and continued to sleep in double burp. 

And me, also getting back to sleep with a confused mind thinking… How could that problem be so simple for a man?? And how could’ve I not thought about it at all?? Dammit! Lol..

As ever,

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