The Lockdown Life (Part 2)

It’s really a lot to babble, huh?! Haha. Here goes some more.. 


Everything goes online nowadays as well as grocery shopping. During lockdown, I had some kind of paranoia syndrome of not wanting to go out at all. I’ve been relying on online orders for almost everything we need simply to avoid going out at all cost. 

But you know, there are still things that require me to go and get it by myself; complicated stuff to order through people or just can’t. In that high risk condition, it hit my anxiety level up and got me into a wasted overthinking mode in making the decision whether to go or not to go? Even the fact that I actually have. to. go! 

So what happened then? Sometimes I delayed and delayed until desperation. Sometimes with my scarf and face mask on, ready to go, then when I checked the phone – an update that a friend just got Covid. Or the spouse, or anyone related. Triggered, I’d immediately cancel the plan and that means my necessity isn’t met. That’s how nutsy this lockdown thing affected my errands when I was not even a positive. It felt like the virus was right in front of the gate waiting to attack me the moment I stepped out of the house. Oh shut up! 


Can’t help it, diet never happens during lockdown and I feel so sinful for eating unmindfully everyday. Healthy diet, when it is not our typical way of life, requires commitment, high motivation and focus while in that restricted situation, all we want is just to be easy on ourselves so what else? Makan, lah! Eat all you want / can asalkan tak stress. Haha.. 

I put on more weight and it’s not weird at all. Worse, I could feel the consequence on my body after a while of this unhealthy eating and no exercise routine, that some days I felt all sluggish due to poor digestion that strikes laziness afterwards. Lazy and unproductive. 

This is really how a human wronged themselves. Forgive me, Ya Allah! Rabbana dzolamna anfusana wa illam taghfirlana wa tarhamna lanaku nanna minal khasirin…… 


Anyhow Alhamdulillah during the period I managed to finally khatam both kids’ Iqra’ Six and they’re moving on to the Quran now.

They had started Iqra One ever since they were 4 years old but it was always inconsistent due to our busyness so we had to reverse multiple times when I see no progress on their recitation that sometimes I felt like it is so neverending. 

This lockdown, I put this as number one priority so I tried not to miss dragging them to mengaji daily, not realizing that suddenly they’ve reached the last page of Iqra’ and we’re donee…. I was so overwhelmed and the kids were also excited to recite “Quran besar”. Edhany is now doing quite well at Juzu’ 4 while Errasy is catching up on hafazan and will start the Quran soon, insyaAllah. 

Out of many unwanted occasions that lockdown has caused, it is this one thing that it did good to us and I am truly grateful for this blessing of room to manoeuvre. This priceless to me and against all odds. May Allah continue to grant us this pleasure of space and time for me to teach my children the divine lesson for the sake of our dunya and akhirah. Come what may, religious obligatories are not a thing we’re gonna compromise, okay kids. Promise! 


Me-time is a form of self care hence it is always necessary regardless of lockdown. So, how do I be alone in a tiny home of 7?

First, I utilized the mornings. I woke up early to do my things when everybody was still dreaming. Morning reading is not a good idea because that would make me fall back to sleep so I usually will listen to my favourite podcast, FB live, YouTube and Instagram videos in my saved list while folding clothes! That’s really the kinda morning that will then bring a great day! But hurm..being not a morning person I sometimes missed this routine and that’d make me feel like a loser! What a waste of precious time. 

Then yes, reading of course. Reading is a must for me despite the chaotic environment of kids all around. In this period alone I managed to finish at least 15 books and it’s still bringing on. 

Reading is not just about flipping pages from cover to cover but it’s about the knowledge throughout. I made it a requirement for me to gain something everyday, something that will activate my mind and exercise my brain into thinking. 

And writing, as in blogging, but writing requires quality time to focus and think of the right words and phrases as I’m just mediocre. So please mind my sloppy writings ya they came from a very cluttered mind all the time haha. But I’d still make an effort to do so as writing is a way to curb overthinkingness, you know? Do make it a habit of writing for the sake of our mental health. 

Besides, I also joined an online course on Pengurusan Harta Pusaka just to gain some knowledge on this particular discipline. It was just a casual choice to learn something new (I knew not much about it before) but to my surprise, it was extremely good! I completed the class feeling a little more stupid than ever. Indeed the saying goes, the more we learn the more we realize how little we know. Not just about the particular topic, but the wisdom of Allah’s grace and commandment as a whole. Subhanallahi Taala. Am looking forward to many more online classes or short courses to join in the near future. Learning is fun! 

Next, away time. Not outside, just in my own room. This, thanks to my elder sons who will take care of the little ones by turning on their favourite cartoons while Mom was away in the room having a mindfulness moment. Haha.. That’s all I could afford and some other life hacks to live a decent lockdown life as a Mom of 5!


It took about half of the year and it’s so right when people say Happy New Year to another Happy New Year is just a blink. 

I still remember a year ago when Covid just emerged, prior to the very first MCO; there were rumours going around saying soon the country was going to be locked-down. “Lockdown” back then was such a scary word that somebody would snap if it’s mentioned in conversation. Today, we’ve survived it. Multiple times in fact. Biiznillah.. There is no power nor strength except with Allah. 

Now is the time to breathe some fresh air, get back on track, catch up on what’s missing, continue living not just existing and keep praying that the world will get better and better in time. InsyaAllah.

As ever,

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