The Lockdown Life (Part 1)

Wow. October and November ran off in just a blink! I really couldn’t grasp the time whenever I checked the calendar, I felt like the dates were hopping from one date to another skipping a few days with no shame. Leaving me in awe realizing it’s already 7th? It’s already the 15th?? And one day – it’s already 20th of October 2021?!

It’s my son’s birthday and I’d forgotten it! Oh no, it’s not that I forgot his birthday but I just didn’t catch up with the date! It’s so fasttt. At the beginning of the month I already reminded myself that we have a birthday to celebrate this month so I gotta plan something – cakes, presents, little surprises and whatnots. But you know.. 3 weeks went by just like that. 

Well, no wonder. It’s the penangan of the ENDEMIC phase. Yeah…. We’re slowly leaving Pandemic yet being very quickly adaptive to the new -mic. Certain restrictions have been relaxed a lot, schools are unexpectedly reopened and even the interstate travel ban has been finally lifted after 5 months. It’s the longest record of staying at home for many people, especially those in my own state because we experienced the highest number of Covid cases every day. 

Five months in memory of The Lockdown Life, I will want to remember this. Because later in the long run if I looked back to these days I would definitely question – How was life back then? What did I do? How did I survive? Well, provided that this is not repeating, it’s like this….. 


The lockdown began exactly after I resigned from work hence basically, it syncs right with my new life as a housewife. It went really well for the first months as I said that I am a homebody that just loves being at home but up until the 5th month, I began to lose myself. I started to get tired all the time, fierceful unreasonably and just unhappy. I believe this is what they call “burn-out”. 

5 months. I guess, it’s the maximum I can go with being totally grounded at home with 5 kids. If it went longer, I’d be literally crazy! Haha.. Subhanallah. It reminds me that no matter what, I am just a normal human being that needs to live a normal life and being locked-down is abnormal. Other people couldn’t even survive 2 weeks of home grounding and that’s also understandable. 

Then Alhamdulillah slowly thereafter the government shifted the state from one phase to another and people began to go out and about having activities everywhere. We regained the world back or at least our own country, our beaches and waterfalls (and shopping malls!) that we’ve missed so much. I thank God that He made it easy for me at first and later when things got harder on me, He changed the situation as well. Allah is the Most Merciful. 


Teaching and Learning at Home. Erm, erm… How do I say this? Okay, let this Mom be just frank and open. I did not involve my kids with the online classes throughout the school closure. Yes.. It’s difficult to confess but it’s a true thing. After a few trials, opinion seeking and much deep thoughts, I decided to drop it from our daily agendas, at all.

There’s a lot to explain but I guess it’s enough to say that I couldn’t afford to do it for my 2 schoolboys while taking care of another 3 toddlers with all the house chores on me. It’s too demanding yet the effect is just discouraging. “Online learning brings too much pressure and less learning” – came across this once and yeah, it tells it all. I do feel bad as a mother and guilty towards the teachers, but this is what I consider as one rational decision to fit the wayward situation we’re facing. 

To me, there’s no point for the kids to perform PdPR but the mother went all depressed and in the end affected the entire household negatively. So when people asked me on how I manage my days and everything during lockdown, it is this – I dropped PdPR altogether and it is not a bright suggestion at all! Haha. 

My point is, our wellbeing is of the utmost importance in this challenging environment. You do you!! 


So, what did the kids do all day? The responsibility to educate is still on our shoulders, no matter what. They still need to learn something even not as much as what the school provided so we do some readings, writings and mathematics together all casually at our level best.

Other than that, they’re just being typical kids who play all day err day, eat, sleep, fight, repeat. Luckily that our apartment is on the ground floor so they get to play a little outside for some fresh air in the evenings. 

I also have to credit them for their help on house chores and taking care of the little ones… This lockdown season, they might be missing out a lot on academics but I believe they’re maturing in terms of domestic responsibilities and skills. They can even cook telur mata on their own and make some Milo drinks already. Good job boys! Gain some, lose some. We’ll deal with the consequences together later? Erk.. 


Infants grow tremendously months by months. During the period, I saw them transitioning from crawling babies to toddling to walking, running, jumping and climbing only days after another. Imagine the chaos in the house, even our dining table is now chairless! 

Motor skills development is very challenging for us to cope, but they come together with speech and hearing milestones that are very entertaining! 

They can now speak a word or two, mimic emotions, request this and that, complain about things that bring a lot of drama in the house! MasyaAllah the cuteness. As they’re born as premature babies, I am always relieved to see them pass each and every milestone just like normal babies. May they continue to grow healthy and clever forever.

To be continued…

As ever,

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