Happy Friday

Source : Instagram Okay, today is simply a normal day to me and this post is spontaneous as I caught sight of the picture above on my Instagram feeda moment ago, it made me think a while of things to be grateful for, on this blessed Friday. Let's go through those 5 prompts and think … Continue reading Happy Friday

Instant Problem Solver

To-Buy : Errysh's formula milk. Noted.  My 1-year old's formula milk was running low. It's time to stock it up. "Okay l'll get it tomorrow after work." - Planning in mind.  Tomorrow after work - "Ah, so lazy to drop by the shop just for the milk. It's okay, there's still some in the container … Continue reading Instant Problem Solver

The Lockdown Life (Part 2)

It's really a lot to babble, huh?! Haha. Here goes some more..  GROCERY SHOPPING Everything goes online nowadays as well as grocery shopping. During lockdown, I had some kind of paranoia syndrome of not wanting to go out at all. I've been relying on online orders for almost everything we need simply to avoid going … Continue reading The Lockdown Life (Part 2)

The Lockdown Life (Part 1)

Wow. October and November ran off in just a blink! I really couldn't grasp the time whenever I checked the calendar, I felt like the dates were hopping from one date to another skipping a few days with no shame. Leaving me in awe realizing it's already 7th? It's already the 15th?? And one day … Continue reading The Lockdown Life (Part 1)