Annoying Yet Funny

I went out for the whole day today for some me-time after a long while of being ‘locked-down’ at home and not visiting that favourite place of mine called; shopping malls! 

So today I officiate my new status of being a fully-vaccinated citizen enjoying the privilege to be walking free outside and dine-in at my favourite restaurant, of course. 

In summary, I received a total of 20 calls from the kids every now and again checking on my whereabouts! I answered 10 calls and the others were left as missed-calls purposely and not purposely. Lol.

They even called me the moment I just stepped in the mall asking me – “Mom dah nak balik ke?” Hahaha. And of course reporting to me they’d eaten the meals, done the chores, settled the little sisters, prayed early, behaved well and did not fight with each other at all – before checking whether I had bought the stuff (toys) they ordered or not? #thatsthewholepurpose

“Annoying yet funny.” – Driving home with this thought in mind recalling my chaos having the phone ringing every 20 minutes especially when checking in and out of MySejahtera apps to and from every shop! Oh My Kids, pleaseee…!!! Hahahha.. 

Ironically, am loving it. The phase that someday will pass and leave a memory for me to reminisce and miss. Yeah, this is mommyhood. Enjoying it while it lasts.

As ever,

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