Current Update : Headache

I think it’s great to get random sometimes. Yeah, let’s talk about what’s going on with my life at the mo. 

So, what’s up with headache?? Of course my current all day headache right now is about handling my twin toddlers! 

MasyaAllah. They both are now turning 17 months old so what do you expect? Terrible-twos! #cryyyy

I mean, I’m the one who cries. No joking this is the most challenging phase I have to deal with since the day I became a twin mom. For all I know, handling twins is all about double the diapers, double the milk and all… but double the tantrum is another level of headache!

The mess… Astaghfirullah. Every mealtime is a tsunami. Snacking means wild-partying. The crumbs are everywhereee in the house I got crazy every time.

And it’s scary when they fight. If other siblings fight it’s always the case of one elder versus one younger, at least one party knows the limit and wouldn’t go overboard while another party also couldn’t do much for being smaller. But these twooo! There’s no mercy in hair-pulling, beating and biting okay. Oh My Princesses!

But this is the phase lah… Terrible-twos; I’ve seen this in my elder three and all other kids as well. Most of them went through this phase with no exception. It’s pretty normal in children’s growth and it’s just temporary InsyaAllah Ameen.

It’s just that in my case now, they’re twins! Hence, even after three kids, it’s still like a new experience to go through. The most challenging part is that mealtime. I’m feeling a sense of trauma whenever I get the food ready on the plate. I take time looking at it and pray to God to make it easy for me to feed them in a while. Breathe innnnn…. Breathe outtttttt…. Bismillahhhh.. and… End of story. 

As ever,

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